List of ITIs & Seats in Jhansi 2022

Are you searching for the list of ITIs in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh? Are you all set to apply for ITI admission this year? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best ITIs in Jhansi, UP.

Jhansi ITI

The main aim of this post is to help you find an ideal ITI. After going through this post, readers will be able to find an ideal ITI. Here, readers will find the following details – list of relevant ITIs, total number of seats available and type of the ITI. You may also check – ITIs in Jaunpur.


Come, let us check out the list now. Here it is –


List of ITIs & seats in Jhansi for 2022

Name of the ITI

Type of the institute

Total number of seats (all trades)

Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment608
Government Industrial Training Institute, Garautha, JhansiGovernment528
Government Industrial Training Institute, Mauranipur JhansiGovernment576
Government ITI, World Bank Mahila, JhansiGovernment480
Government ITI, JhansiGovernment1496
Apex Pvt ITIPrivate240
Balaji Pvt. ITIPrivate300
Bhagwati Devi Private ITI,Garautha – JhansiPrivate96
Bhartiya Institute Of Technology & Engineering Private ITC – JhansiPrivate120
Bundelkhand Private ITC – JhansiPrivate80
Dr Apj Kalam Private ITIPrivate168
Dr. J Verma Private ITI , Punchh – SitapurPrivate192
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia PITI, Moth (Jhansi) – JhansiPrivate120
Gandhi Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate360
Gurukulam Private ITIPrivate240
Ideal Private ITIPrivate240
Jhalkari Bai I.T.I.Khailar,Jhansi – JhansiPrivate120
Jhansi Pvt. ITIPrivate240
Kalawati Private ITC , – JhansiPrivate80
M D Private ITIPrivate420
M K Private ITIPrivate312
M.D Pvt ITIPrivate360
Maa Bhagawati Private ITI KhailarPrivate80
Maa Bhagwati Technical Institute Private ITIPrivate360
Maa Gajanan Private I T IPrivate120
Maa Pitambra Pvt ITIPrivate300
Maharani Laxmi Bai Private ITIPrivate240
Modern College Of Engineering Pvt ITIPrivate264
New Technocrat Private ITIPrivate252
Omkanta Pvt ITIPrivate324
Parshuram Private ITI – JhansiPrivate80
Pt Jamuna Prasad Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120
Pt. Vasudev Tiwari Private ITIPrivate180
Royal Institution Private ITIPrivate240
Saint Umar Private ITIPrivate180
Sarswati Devi Private ITIPrivate192
Seth Ramdas Memorial Private ITIPrivate240
Shah Rehmat Private ITI JhansiPrivate168
Sharda Devi Pvt ITIPrivate264
Shri Bajrang Private ITIPrivate300
Shri Mahakaleshwar Private ITIPrivate120
Shri Motilal Richhariya Private ITIPrivate180
Shri Radha Keshav Private ITIPrivate240
Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Private ITIPrivate360
Shri Swami Prasad Private ITIPrivate420
Shri Tulsi Ram Private ITIPrivate192
Smt Vidyawati Industrial Training Centre – JhansiPrivate100
Up Technical Private ITIPrivate240
Veer Bhoomi Bundelkhand Private ITIPrivate240
Veerangana ITI,Khailar, Jhansi – JhansiPrivate600
Veerangana Jhalkari Bai I.T.I.Private960
Veerangna Rani Laxmi Bal Private ITI , JhansiPrivate168
Vivekanand Private ITIPrivate240
Yugal SanskrITI Private ITIPrivate240
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