List of ITIs & Seats in Gorakhpur 2022

Hi readers! In this post, I’ve compiled a list of best ITIs in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. In this post, readers will find the following details – list of relevant ITIs in Gorakhpur, type of the industrial training institute and seat availability.

Gorakhpur ITI

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List of ITIs & seats in Gorakhpur for 2022

Name of the ITI

Type of the institute

Total number of seats (all trades)

Government ITI, World Bank Mahila, GorakhpurGovernment288
Government ITI, Chargawan, Distt- GorakhpurGovernment1244
Government ITI, Khajani, GorakhpurGovernment264
Government ITI, Railway Colony, GorakhpurGovernment272
Govt I.T.I, Campierganj, Distt- GorakhpurGovernment232
Govt ITI Chauri ChauraGovernment528
Government ITI BansgaonGovernment296
Am College Of Higher Education & Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate80
Amar Sahid Babu Bandhu Singh Private ITIPrivate240
Apj Kalam Private ITIPrivate120
Ashok Private ITC, – GorakhpurPrivate120
Baba Shiv Shankar Private ITIPrivate180
Baba Yogendra Dev ITC – GorakhpurPrivate360
Babu Aniruddh Sahi Gurukul Private ITIPrivate180
Babu Goverdhan Chand Bachcha Chand Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate80
Babu Jangi Singh Durga Singh Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate80
Babu Lal Singh Ji Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate516
Babu Shailesh Mani Tripathi Private ITIPrivate180
Badami Devi Private ITIPrivate60
Badri Rai Private ITIPrivate240
Baijnath Niji I T IPrivate60
Balendra Singh Smarak Nigi Audyogik Prashikshan Sansthan GorakhpurPrivate60
Bapu Private ITIPrivate240
Bapu Private ITI Pipiganj GorakhpurPrivate192
Barhalganj Private ITIPrivate216
Basmati Devi Private ITIPrivate120
Bt Pvt ITIPrivate264
Buddha Private ITIPrivate240
Chandrawati Devi Pvt I.T.IPrivate120
Chausath Vikash Private ITIPrivate120
Classic Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate360
Devta Mishra Niji I T IPrivate480
Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Private ITIPrivate240
Dr Ram Manohar Lohiya Private ITIPrivate240
Ganesh ITC – GorakhpurPrivate396
Ganga Prabha Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate120
Gangotri Devi Private ITIPrivate180
Ganpati Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate300
Gayatri Devi Private ITI , Fertilizer East Gate, GorakhpurPrivate240
Gayatri Devi Private ITI Saraswathipuram Colony Lane Iii GorakhpurPrivate120
Global Private ITIPrivate240
Gorakhpur National Private ITIPrivate180
Girdhari Chaudhari Industrial Training Centre – GorakhpurPrivate120
Gujarati Devi Private ITIPrivate240
Gulab Anjani Choudhri ITC – GorakhpurPrivate240
Hariom Privet ITIPrivate180
Hariram Private ITIPrivate360
J P Smarak Private ITIPrivate180
J. N. Pvt. I.T.IPrivate360
Jagdamba Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate60
Janardan Prasad Memorial Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate180
Janki Private ITI , Baidauli, Gaurkhash, GorakhpurPrivate480
Jp Private ITIPrivate300
Kalash Private ITI , – GorakhpurPrivate120
Kamla Private ITIPrivate240
Karam Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate368
Kasturba Gandhi Pvt ITIPrivate120
Kaushal Private ITIPrivate120
Krishna Dev Singh Private ITI KishunpurPrivate120
Krishna Singh Private ITIPrivate240
Late Bikau Prasad Private ITIPrivate120
M.V Private I.T.IPrivate240
Maa Sharda Private ITIPrivate180
Madan Mohan Malviya Private ITIPrivate120
Madan Mohan Malviya Private ITIPrivate192
Madhusudan Tripathi Private ITIPrivate120
Mahamanav Gautam Buddha PITIPrivate120
Mahanagar Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate344
Mahanagar Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate360
Maharana Pratap Private ITI – GorakhpurPrivate372
Mahatma Gandhi ITC – GorakhpurPrivate420
Mahfooz Private ITIPrivate240
Mata Dee Private ITIPrivate120
Mm Private ITIPrivate180
National Private ITIPrivate120
Neena Thapa Suhash Pvt ITI – GorakhpurPrivate600
New Lal Bahadur Shastri Private ITI – GorakhpurPrivate240
New Maharana Pratap Private ITIPrivate300
New Rds Private ITIPrivate360
Om Prakash Memorial Private ITIPrivate120
Panini Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120
Parvati Devi Private ITIPrivate240
Phoolmati Devi Pvt. ITI – GorakhpurPrivate180
Pitambar Chaudhary Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate240
Poonam Private ITIPrivate180
Prakhar Private ITIPrivate120
Pt. Thakur Prasad Tripathi Industrial Training Centre – GorakhpurPrivate360
R N Yadav Private ITIPrivate240
Rajesh Kumar Singh Private ITIPrivate120
Rajkiya Industrial Training Centre – GorakhpurPrivate84
Rajkumari Prabha Rawat Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate160
Rajprabha ITC – GorakhpurPrivate120
Ram Das Bhagwati Rai Private ITIPrivate240
Ram Jatan Yadav Private I T IPrivate180
Ram Udar Singh Private ITIPrivate120
Rama Shankar Mishra Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate80
Rds Private ITI , Sahsi Hardichak, GorakhpurPrivate660
Reshma Devi Niji Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate780
Rss Memorial Private ITIPrivate240
Rudra Dheeraj Pvt. ITI Sahjanwa ,GorakhpurPrivate420
Saket Private ITIPrivate300
Sardar Patel Private ITIPrivate132
Sarvodaya ITC – GorakhpurPrivate160
Sbgm Private ITIPrivate120
Scholar Pvt Industrial Training InstitutePrivate240
Sdd Private ITIPrivate120
Shagun Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate128
Sharda Private ITIPrivate120
Sheetla Devi Private ITI, Rudrapur Kusmi, GorakhpurPrivate360
Shiv Prasad Pandey Private ITI BhairahawaPrivate120
Shobha Capital Private ITI , Karim Nagar, ChargawaPrivate180
Shree Ramnath Private ITIPrivate120
Shri Gurukul Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate80
Shri Krishna Private ITIPrivate180
Shri Sai Private ITIPrivate40
Shyamlata Devi Private ITIPrivate120
Simirata Devi ITI – GorakhpurPrivate420
Sishodiya Private ITI Bela Pipraich GorakhpurPrivate120
Solanki Pvt. I.T.I. Sahjanwa Gorakhpur U.P. 273209 () – GorakhpurPrivate160
Srd Private ITIPrivate120
Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri ITC – GorakhpurPrivate480
Sridutt Singh Private ITIPrivate240
Srs Private ITIPrivate120
Subhash Chandra Bosh Private ITI – GorakhpurPrivate480
Sunshine Private ITIPrivate180
Swami Vivekanand Private ITIPrivate120
Swarn Jayanti Niji ITIPrivate120
Tapa Nath Private ITIPrivate120
The Sun Rise Private ITIPrivate132
Up Private ITIPrivate240
V.N.P Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate40
V.S.A.V ITC – GorakhpurPrivate168
Vardan Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate240
Vidhata Private ITIPrivate180
Vidya Private ITIPrivate240
Vijay Private ITC – GorakhpurPrivate528
Vindhyachal Private Industrial InstitutePrivate240
Vishwa Bharti ITC – GorakhpurPrivate148
Vishwa Shobha Capital Private ITIPrivate120
Vrindavan Private ITIPrivate240
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