7 Simple Tips to Find/Select a Good Engineering College

Hi readers! In this post, I’ve provided some simple yet effective tips, which will help you identify and choose a good engineering college. B.E./B.Tech./M.E./M.Tech. admission aspirants will benefit from this post.

Engineering College Selection

Engineering education is quite popular in India. Each year, hundreds of thousands of Indian students apply for UG and PG level engineering programs.


Most of the applicants manage to get into tier two or three colleges. Only a handful of them manage to get into premier engineering colleges.


While applying for admission, engineering aspirants would want to obtain admission into a good engineering college. But how is it possible to identify such a college, you may ask. If you observe some key parameters (of an engineering college), you will be able to identify the institute’s quality.


In the recent past, numerous new engineering colleges have popped up across India. This has resulted in increase in the number of engineering seats. Due to increase in the number of engineering colleges, both students and their parents have lots of options to choose from.


Earlier, there used to exist a small number of engineering colleges per state/district. Naturally, only a few meritorious students could secure admission into those limited number of engineering seats. Naturally, there was less confusion among applicants and their parents. After all, they had one to two institutes to choose from.


But things have changed now. Students and parents have handful of options available in front of them. Abundance of options often results in confusion. And confusion leads to abrupt decisions! You may also check – best engineering branches, GATE preparation tips and GTU preparation tips.


The main purpose of this guide is to inform and educate you about college selection process. Here, I’ve listed down some key factors, which you should watch out for (while securing admission).


Let us check out the list of tips and tricks, which will help you choose the best engineering college. Here it is –


Tips to identify and select the right engineering college

Here are simple and effective tips, which will help you choose the right engineering college –


1 Check out affiliation status

The first thing to do is – check whether the college is affiliated to a recognized University. One must make sure that the college has proper accreditation status. The last thing you’d want is an institute with shady accreditation status.


2 Ratings and reviews

Check out the college’s ratings. Ratings are given by various bodies. Educational organizations and watchdogs are known to rate colleges. Make sure that the college has decent ratings and reviews. You may use online resources to check ratings and reviews.


3 Results

Check out the college’s (and its students’) performance in University/External examinations. High pass percentage shows that the college has skilled faculty and a good learning atmosphere. Bad pass percentage indicates absense of skilled faculty and/or good learning atmosphere.


4 Infrastructure

You may visit the campus and check out the quality of its infrastructure. A good college must have adequate infrastructure for each branch/department. Spacious classrooms, adequate amount of furniture, well equipped labs, well stocked library – these are things a good college should have.


5 Faculty

A good college hires skilled and talented teaching staff. Professors, lecturers, instructors, lab technicians – directly or indirectly, they will influence your academic life. Make sure that you get a chance to learn under skilled faculty.


6 Placement assistance

Engineering colleges will help you obtain a Degree. But many colleges won’t be able to help you find a job! Premier and reputed colleges will help you find a decent job through campus placement.


Premier and reputed colleges are frequented by recruiters each year. On the other hand, many tier two and tier three colleges are not visited by recruiters. While searching for a college, try to get into a college that has proven placement track record. A good college must have a dedicated placement assistance team and good placement track record.


7 Amenities

A good engineering college must have amenities such as – sports rooms, playgrounds, auditoriums etc. These amenities will play an important role while organizing extracurricular activities.

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