Work Abroad: New Zealand needs Veterinary professionals

This article will be of help to Indian Veterinary Science graduates and students who want to work abroad. From recent trends, it is evident that New Zealand is a great place for Veterinary graduates from India to build a career! In this article, you will be reading more about the career prospects that awaits Indian Veterinarians in New Zealand!


Dairy Farm in New Zealand


Veterinary professionals in India are not well paid, in comparison to Western countries. Veterinarians in Countries like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and other European countries get a much better pay package than their Indian counterparts. Also, the living standards in the above mentioned places is also superior to that of India.


The best thing about New Zealand though is that they are facing an acute shortage of qualified Veterinary professionals! So bad is the situation that they are looking at Vets from Foreign Countries to work for them! In New Zealand, Veterinary professionals are required for the following purposes-

  • Private and Corporate Clinical Practice
  • Teaching and Research
  • Regulatory Medicine
  • Public Health
  • Military/Other security service


Indian Veterinary professionals may find a job in any one of the above mentioned area and gradually settle down in New Zealand and become a citizen there! The best sector where one may find a job easily is the Public Health sector. The reason why this sector is lucrative and easy to handle has been mentioned below-


Dairy Industry in New Zealand is very well developed. They are well known for Dairy products’ production. This Industry thrives on the well developed and populated Dairy farms and Livestock farming. In the village areas, cattle-rearing is carried out on a large scale. Nowadays, these rural areas are facing an acute shortage of Veterinarians. There simply aren’t enough Veterinary Doctors available to take care of the huge Dairy farms.


This scenario of acute shortage has opened doors for Foreign Nationals! The area of Equine practice requires immediate attention. Even pet animal care (focusing on Urban areas) also needs attention.


On one side, Vets are required in large numbers by New Zealand. Thus, to attract best talent from other Countries, they are offering attractive pay packages and working hours on the other hand! This has made things even better for Veterinarians from India!


How to immigrate and start practice in New Zealand?

The first step is to complete IELTS with a band of 6.5-7. The best step after immigration will be to do externship under a Registered Veterinary Practitioner in New Zealand. Indian Veterinary graduates may go for a 2 years long externship practice.


On completing the externship, Graduates may go for ECFVG (Educational Commission of Foreign Veterinary Graduates) Licensing examination. To get more details about this Licensing examination, you may go through the post mentioned below-


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ECVG certification consists of four steps. Credentials of the Graduate will be verified and reviewed. This is followed by an English proficiency test, clinical test and veterinary medical skills tests.


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On completing the ECFVG certification program successfully, a candidate will get DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) Degree. After getting DVM Degree, one may start private practice in New Zealand. Based on vacancy, one may also find a job in Public health sector also!

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