Get good career growth after getting CPL; Tips for CPL holders

A career in the Aviation sector is a rewarding one. Aviation sector was hit pretty badly during the recession. But, it has recovered remarkably well and is doing quite well as of now! In fact, the Aviation sector is showing signs of growth. So, an increase in job opportunities is on the cards, when it comes to this sector! Okay, put aside those facts, let us come to the career of a Commercial Pilot. Among various jobs in the Aviation Industry, the job of a Pilot is the most glamorous and one of the most well rewarding job post! But, is becoming a well paid Commercial Pilot an easy task? Well, it is not, actually! In this article, I will describe some facts and figures related to the career of Commercial Pilot. Also, I will provide some tips that will help one scale up the career ladder quickly, after getting CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence)!



How to become a Commercial Pilot

For Commercial Pilot Licence aspirants, I’ve already written a very detailed guide. This guide explains in detail about how one may become a Commercial Pilot.


If you have no idea about the processes involved in becoming a Commercial Pilot, please do refer that article. If you know how one may become a Commercial Pilot and obtain CPL, the next section will be of much help to you! The next section is all about how one may scale up the career ladder after getting CPL.


Career prospects after getting CPL

One will get CPL only after clearing flight as well as theoretical examinations conducted by the Civil Aviation Authority of one’s country. After getting CPL, one is entitled to fly Commercial as well as Cargo planes.


But, the scenario in Aviation Industry right now is not too promising for fresh CPL Licence holders. Newly trained CPL holders will find it very difficult to get a job in major Airline companies.


Major Airline companies value experience. And experience is something that freshly trained CPL holders don’t have! So, they usually refrain from letting fresh CPL holders handle Passenger flights.


Still, there are many small as well as medium sized Airline firms, where newly trained Pilots may get a job! Also, if you are highly skilled, you may also land a job at one of the many major Airline Companies!


Tips for CPL holders to scale up career ladder

Instead of sitting around, waiting for a chance to land a job in a major Airline company, target small and medium sized companies. It is easier to land a job in such companies. After joining, one may gather some much valued flight hours and experience.


This experience will later come handy, when one decides to make the jump, and land a better job in a major Airline firm!


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Another smart way to gain experience is by targeting Cargo flights or the job of a ferry pilot. Like the above mentioned method, landing these types of jobs is also relatively easier. Also, these jobs will help one gather experience. This experience will boost one’s value in the job market!


If one is not interested in any of the above mentioned methods, then one may choose to make use of Flying clubs and further accumulate Flying hours. One may also choose to get familiar with more advanced Aircraft. This activity, too, will help increase one’s experience as well as value in the job market!

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