Indian Agricultural Research Institute Technical post: Educational Qualifications

Agriculture related professional courses are good, when it comes to helping land a Government sector job! While there are number of good courses that 12th Science students may pursue, a good number of them are much saturated. So, it becomes pretty difficult to land well paying Government jobs, in case of those courses. Agriculture related courses are whole lot different! This field is less saturated and there are number of Government job openings waiting for graduates! In this article, I will be dealing with Technical Officers’ job posts in the Indian Agricultural Research Institute. I will provide complete details regarding the educational qualifications that one must have in order to apply for the post of Technical Officer.

IARI Technical post educational qualifications

First of all, let us take a look at the basic types of posts that I will be covering in this article. Here, I will cover 3 posts- Senior Technical Officer (field/farm technician), Technical Assistant (field/farm technician) and Technical Assistant (Library Services).


These posts are technical ones. Now, let us take each one of these posts and check out the educational qualifications required in case of each of them.


Educational Qualifications required

Sr. Technical Officer- In case of this post, interested candidate must possess a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Science. A Master’s Degree in any other Science/Social Science branch will also do, provided that it is relevant to the field of Agriculture. So, in short, Master’s Degree in any of the above mentioned course from a Recognized University is required, if one wants to apply for this job post.


Technical Assistant (field/farm technician)- In case of this post, Master’s Degree is not required. But, a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture is required. Also, a Bachelor’s Degree in any Science/Social Science branch will also do, provided that the branch is relevant to the field of Agriculture. So, in this case, Bachelor’s Degree from a Recognized University is the requirement.


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Technical Assistant (Library Services)- Since this post is related to Library services, the educational qualifications required are quite different from the above mentioned branches. In this case, a Bachelor’s Degree in Library Science/Library & Information Science or any such equivalent qualification is required.

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