How to Become Commercial Pilot in India at less cost

First of all, let me tell you something about the career in aviation, as a pilot. It is a coveted career. Majority of us, in our childhood, dreamt of becoming pilots, flying fighter jets and fancy aircraft. It is a glamorous and much respected profession! In this article, I’ll show you how you can become a pilot, in India.


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Reasons why it is a brilliant profession

First of all, the pay scale is excellent, right from the start! Next, you may avail various travel benefits and perks. Then there is lot of glamour associated with this profession. Compared to other professionals, pilots are less, in number. So, the field is less saturated and job availability is not compromised.


These are some very obvious advantages of choosing the profession of a commercial pilot. Just like that, if you choose to be a pilot in the armed forces, you may avail various Government perks and amenities like housing and ration allowance, perks, travel allowance etc. Moreover, you’ll be able to earn the respect of society by doing the job!


Ways to become a Pilot

As I mentioned in the above section, you may either become a pilot in the Civil Aviation sector or join as a pilot in the Armed Forces.


Thus, there are two entries for you- civil aviation or armed forces. In armed forces, pilots are part of the Indian AirForce or the Army Aviation Corps.


There are different procedures to become pilot using the above two entries. I’ll describe the process in the following paragraphs-


#1 Becoming Civil Aviation Pilot

These pilots are the ones flying commercial aircraft of airlines like- Indian Airlines, Virgin Airlines etc. Not only do they fly airplanes, but such pilots also may fly chartered airplanes, helicopter etc, according to their qualifications.


To become such a pilot, you’ll need to acquire a ‘commercial pilot license’. I’ll tell you how to get one.


To get the above mentioned license, you must complete pilot’s training. This training is provided at Flying Schools.


At the time of enrolling, a candidate will be provided a ‘Students License’. Upon completing the training and clocking certain hours flying an airplane, the license is upgraded.


Upon the successful completion of the training, the candidate is given a commercial pilot’s license and is permitted to fly airplanes based on his experience, qualification and performance.


While choosing a Flying School in India, make sure that it is approved by Civil Aviation Ministry. Also make sure that the institute has ample amenities for ensuring good quality training.


The fees for obtaining this training is high and changes from academy to academy. It often runs into Lacs of Rupees (25 lacs and above in many cases).


Thus, if you think you are financially incapable of pursuing this course, the second method will suit you best.


#2 Becoming a Pilot in Armed Forces of India

You may also become a pilot in Indian AirForce or Army Aviation Corps, if you meet the standards set by them. Read this article about how to join Indian AirForce.


The advantage of this method is that you can become a pilot without spending much money. But, you must compensate for it by serving the country. But hey, it is a matter of pride, isn’t it?


You may join IAF by appearing for NDA (National Defence Academy) exam, if you are below 19 years of age. Else, if you are a graduate, having completed 3 years or 4 years graduation course, you may appear for CDS (Combined Defence Services) exam and join IAF as a flying officer.


After serving the country and retiring from the armed forces, a pilot may jump into the commercial airline bandwagon easily! Yes, upon passing a few tests, a former armed forces pilot can easily become a pilot in big commercial airline companies! This is an added advantage!


Prospects after Retiring

Even after retiring, a pilot may get a job easily in a Flying school, as an instructor! Yes, there is great demand for such experienced pilots, who are expected to mould another generation of efficient pilots! You may also check – Air Hostess/Cabin Crew training programs.



I hope this article has been of help to you. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you work hard and become an efficient pilot! If you liked this article, please share it with your friends.

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