Top 10 highest earning 3D movies

Top 10 highest earning 3D movies

We all love movies. 3D movies are even more special. Have you ever wondered, which are the highest grossing 3D movies to be released yet? Well, this list is all about the 3D movies that have earned highest at the box-office. Enjoy this list.


Top 10 highest grossing 3D movies
NoMovieRelease yearEarning at Box office ($)
2Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-220111,328,111,172
3Transformer- Dark of the moon20111,123,746,996
4Toy story-320101,063,171,911
5Pirates of the Caribbean- On stranger tides20111,043,871,802
6Alice in wonderland20101,024,299,904
7Ice Age- Dawn of the Dinosaurs2009886,686,817
8Shrek Forever After2010752,600,867
10Kung fu Panda-22011631,744,560

Hope you enjoyed this list about the top 10 highest grossing movies released in 3D. Find more such entertaining and informative lists on our site. You may also check – Animation & VFX courses.

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