List of ITIs & Seats in Prayagraj 2022

Are you looking for the list of ITIs in Prayagraj? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best ITIs and seats in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.

Prayagraj ITI

After going through this post, readers will be able to find the following details – list of ITIs, type of the ITI (government or private) and seat availability. You may also check – ITIs in Aligarh. Come, let us check out the list of ITIs now. Here it is –


List of ITIs & seats in Prayagraj for 2022

Name of the ITI

Type of institute

Total number of seats (all trades)

Government Industrial Training Institute, MandaGovernment536
Government ITI, Katra, AllahabadGovernment436
Government ITI, Naini, AllahabadGovernment1908
Government ITI, World Bank MahilaGovernment232
National Skill Training Institute(W), AllahabadGovernment660
A B M New Private ITIPrivate120
A P S Private ITIPrivate120
A. B. M. Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate80
A. B. Memorial Private ITI Naini,AllahabadPrivate180
A.N. Tiwari Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate120
Aadishakti Private ITI, – AllahabadPrivate100
Access Industrial Training Centre Teliyarganj – AllahabadPrivate120
Access Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate624
Adarsh Private ITI – AllahabadPrivate520
Adhaar Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate228
Allahabad Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate120
Allahabad Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate180
Allahabad Private ITI – AllahabadPrivate160
Allahabad Rastriya Private ITIPrivate240
Amar Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate280
Anurag Private ITI , Ghatwa Karchna, AllahabadPrivate180
Apex Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate312
Apex Pvt. ITIPrivate240
Asha Industrial Training Institute – AllahabadPrivate240
Asha Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate180
Babu Fateh Bahadur Singh Private ITIPrivate180
Babu Jang Bahadur Yadav Private ITIPrivate120
Babu Lal Pal Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate80
Babu Nandlal Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate240
Babu Sitaram Singh Private ITI, Dhankesari, Asepur -AllahabadPrivate240
Balram Institute Of Technical Studies, Research & ITC – AllahabadPrivate128
Basdei Devi Pvt.ITIPrivate120
C. M. E. Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate120
C.P. Gautam Audhogic Prashikshan Kendra – AllahabadPrivate128
C.V.A.P.P.S., Dhanoyia, Private ITI – AllahabadPrivate120
Chandra Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate180
Chandra Shekhar Azad Private ITIPrivate120
Chandrakali Private ITIPrivate240
Chhatrapati Shivaji Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate240
Chintamani Pmv ITC – AllahabadPrivate168
Data Expert Technical Institute Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate48
Dayaram Shastri Pvt. I.T.IPrivate80
Deepanjali Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate240
Dhanraji Devi Yagya Narayan Private ITI – AllahabadPrivate180
Dileep Pvt ITI, – AllahabadPrivate180
Dinesh Chandra Viswakarma Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate40
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate120
Endresh Bahadur Singh Private I.T.I.Private240
Ganga Prasad Private ITIPrivate120
Ghanshyam Urvashi Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate160
Global Private ITIPrivate320
Gp Private ITIPrivate180
Gulab Singh Private ITIPrivate120
H R Private ITIPrivate180
Hanumat Niketan Private ITI Sadar ,AllahabadPrivate300
Husaini Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate88
Indira Gandhi Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate60
Indra Bahadur Singh Audyogik Prashikshan Sansthan – AllahabadPrivate160
Indrakali Vidyavati Private ITIPrivate120
Infinity Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate168
J B B Private ITIPrivate180
J K Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate40
Jagdish Private ITI Meja ,AllahabadPrivate240
Jai Bajrang BaliPrivate180
Jai Hanuman Pvt ITIPrivate264
Jai Maa Vaishno ITC – AllahabadPrivate120
Jbs Ram Singh Private ITIPrivate120
Jeevan Jyoti Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate128
K.N. Singh ITC – AllahabadPrivate120
K.N.Patel SmrITI Private Audyogik Prashina SansthanPrivate180
Kamla Devi ITC – AllahabadPrivate120
Kamla Prashad Private ITIPrivate240
Kandhai Singh Singraur Private ITIPrivate360
Kunj Bihari Singh Patel Private ITIPrivate120
Kushal Private ITIPrivate120
Lalta Prasad Private ITIPrivate120
Late Bela Singh ITC – AllahabadPrivate360
Late Raghuraj Singh – AllahabadPrivate80
Late Ram Lal Yadav Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate80
Ldc Institute Of Technical StudiesPrivate504
M D Memorial Private ITIPrivate180
M.T. Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate80
Maa Gayatri Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate536
Maa Gayatri Private ITIPrivate240
Maa Malti Devi Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate128
Maa Santosh Private I TiPrivate108
Maa Santoshi ITC – AllahabadPrivate60
Maa Santosi Private ITI Naini,AllahabadPrivate180
Maa Shanti Private ITIPrivate120
Maa Sharda Devi Private ITI Maslka ,AllahabadPrivate240
Maa Vaishnavi Private ITIPrivate240
Maha Devi Yadav Abhay Pvt. ITIPrivate240
Mahadev Private ITC , – AllahabadPrivate80
Mahatma Gandhi Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate80
Mahendra Pratap Pvt ITIPrivate240
Mahewa Pvt Industrial Training InsITIutePrivate180
Maniraja Singh Private ITIPrivate300
Mehta Pvt. I.T.I.Private240
Mula Devi Rameshwar Prasad Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate80
Munshi Raghunath Singh Private ITIPrivate120
Naini ITC – AllahabadPrivate72
Nand Kishor Singh Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate240
Nand Kishore Singh Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate384
Narayan Private ITIPrivate240
National Institute Of Professional Studies Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate96
New Apex Private ITIPrivate240
New Jai Maa Vaishno Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate240
Nisha Mishra Private ITIPrivate120
Om Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120
Om Shiva Shiv Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate80
Phool Dulari Private ITIPrivate240
Phoole Devi Ranjeet Singh Private ITIPrivate120
Pioneer Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate88
Prayag Private ITIPrivate120
Prayag Private ITIPrivate240
Prayagraj Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120
Prithvi Pal Singh Private I T IPrivate120
Pt Ram Pratap Mishra Private ITIPrivate180
Pyarelal Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate80
R P Singh Private ITIPrivate240
R.K. Institute Of Technical Studies Private ITI – AllahabadPrivate192
R.K. Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate160
R.V.K Industrial Training Centre Ram Nagar Naini – AllahabadPrivate200
Radha Krishna ITIPrivate120
Raj Narayan Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate80
Raja Ram Singh Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate528
Ram Autar Maurya Auddyogik Prashikshan Kendra – AllahabadPrivate80
Ram Gulam Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate360
Ram Kuber Private ITIPrivate120
Ram Kumar Shukla Private ITIPrivate80
Ram Nihor Patel SmrITC Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate240
Rameshwaram Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate416
Rana Naresh Private ITI Naini, AllahabadPrivate300
Rani Laxmi Bai Private ITIPrivate240
Rbm Institute Of Technology Private ITIPrivate120
Rohini Private ITIPrivate120
Rural Pvt ITI, – AllahabadPrivate80
S P S Private ITIPrivate240
S.D.B.D. Private ITI , Chak Harihar Vah Gt Road Jhunsi, AllahabadPrivate180
S.L.Patel Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate180
Sabhajeet Singh Pvt ITIPrivate120
Sai Nath ITC – AllahabadPrivate80
Sainik Private ITIPrivate120
Sampati Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate312
Sandilya Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate80
Sangam Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate240
Sardar Patel Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate120
Sarju Prasad Singh ITI AllahabadPrivate340
Saryu Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate80
Satyam Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate360
Saurabh Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate40
Savitri Devi Private ITIPrivate240
Savitri Singh Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate160
Shall Private ITI, Jari Bazar Jari -AllahabadPrivate180
Shambhavi Private ITIPrivate120
Shambhunath Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate176
Shaurya Shikshan Prashikshan Private ITI – AllahabadPrivate240
Shiv Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate160
Shiv Private ITIPrivate240
Shivalik Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate200
Shivpati Devi Private ITIPrivate240
Shree Aadhar Private ITIPrivate240
Shree Balaji Private ITIPrivate300
Shri Balaji Private ITI , – AllahabadPrivate180
Shri Bhagwan Private ITIPrivate180
Shri Devi Prasad Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate80
Shri Ganesh Private ITIPrivate120
Shri Krishna Private ITIPrivate240
Shri Krishna Private ITIPrivate120
Shri Krishna Private ITIPrivate120
Shri Moti Lal Singh Private ITIPrivate120
Shri Radhey Shyam Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120
Shri Rajdhar Singh Private ITIPrivate120
Shri Ram Chandra Private ITI , Saidabad, AllahabadPrivate80
Shri Ram Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate80
Shri Sairam Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate296
Shri Surya Lal Yadav Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120
Sita Devi Private ITIPrivate120
Smt. Sirtaj Devi Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate240
Sri Ram Lakhan Smarak Private ITIPrivate240
Sri Suresh Chandra Private ITIPrivate312
Sri Vighneshwar Private ITI Mama Bhanja Talab Naini,Allahabad – AllahabadPrivate40
Srinath Private ITI Junsi, AllahabadPrivate120
Srmm Private ITIPrivate120
Sushila Devi Private ITIPrivate120
Sushma Singh Singraur Private I T IPrivate120
T T Private ITIPrivate240
Vidyawati Devi Private I T IPrivate240
Vighneshwar Pvt.ITIPrivate120
Vijay Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate320
Vishwanath Inraji Devi Private ITIPrivate240
Vivekanand Private ITC – AllahabadPrivate240
Wasiatul Uloom ITC – AllahabadPrivate96
Yashomati ITC – AllahabadPrivate80
Yatharth ITIPrivate480
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