List of ITIs & Seats in Ghazipur 2022

Are you looking for the list of ITIs in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best ITIs in Ghazipur, UP.

Ghazipur ITI

After going through this post, readers will be able to find the following details – list of relevant ITIs in Ghazipur, type of the ITI and total number of seats available for admission. You may also check – ITIs in Ghaziabad. Come, let us check out the list now. Here it is –


List of ITIs & seats in Ghazipur for 2022

Name of the ITI

Type of institute

Total number of seats (all trades)

Government ITI, GhazipurGovernment776
Government ITI, Saidpur, GhazipurGovernment44
A.K. National ITC – GhazipurPrivate180
Adarsh Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate200
Adarsh Industrial Training Centre – GhazipurPrivate120
Adarsh ITC – GhazipurPrivate240
Adarsh Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate40
Adarsh Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate240
Ajeet Yadav Purvanchal ITI – GhazipurPrivate120
Awadhoot Bhagwan Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
B K Private ITIPrivate120
Baba B.N.M National Pvt. ITI, – GhazipurPrivate80
Baba Bhagelu Das Private ITIPrivate120
Baba Gajjan Das Private ITIPrivate240
Baba Kinaram Private ITIPrivate384
Baba Ram Das Kishore ITC – GhazipurPrivate240
Baba Ram Nath Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate120
Baba Rishal Das Devnath Private ITIPrivate120
Babu Jagdish Singh Private ITIPrivate264
Babunandan ITIPrivate240
Bala Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
Bhole Shankar Dhaneshwari ITC – GhazipurPrivate120
Brijesh Private ITIPrivate120
Buddha Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate240
Buddham Sharanam Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate120
Central ITC – GhazipurPrivate200
Chandra Deo Private ITIPrivate240
Chandra Private ITIPrivate240
Chandradev ITI, Baghmarwa, Bahadurganj-Ghazipur [PITI – ] GhazipurPrivate400
Chhavi Shila Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
Dr Pankaj ITIPrivate120
Dr T H Private ITIPrivate240
Dr. A.H. ITC – Shadiabad – GhazipurPrivate200
Dulari Devi Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate240
Ganesha Private ITIPrivate240
Gautam Buddha Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate240
Gopinath Private ITIPrivate360
Gramin Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate120
Gulabi Bhimal Private ITIPrivate120
H. S. National Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate120
Hardev Private ITI Rawal Saidpur GhazipurPrivate120
Harishchandra Private ITIPrivate240
Harishchandra Private ITI CollegePrivate240
Harivansh Dwarika Pvt ITIPrivate252
I.D. Memorial Private ITI – GhazipurPrivate80
International Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate180
J. B. B. Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate160
J.B. ITC – GhazipurPrivate180
Jagarnath Private Audyogik Prashikshan SansthanPrivate240
Jai Bajrang Private ITIPrivate240
Jamuna Singh Memorial Industrial Training InstitutePrivate240
Janardan Singh Kushwaha Private ITIPrivate120
Jeevandeep Private ITIPrivate240
Jit Das Private ITI CollegePrivate240
K D Private ITI Khanpur Saidpur GhazipurPrivate240
K S National Private ITIPrivate240
K. D. Singh Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate240
K.N.S ITC – GhazipurPrivate120
K.S.V. Institute Of Engineering & Technology PrivaPrivate40
Kalpnath Smarak Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
Kamakhya Private ITC , – GhazipurPrivate300
Kamakhya Private ITIPrivate240
Kamla Private ITIPrivate120
Kavaldhari Yadav Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
Late Bahadur Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
Late Banshi Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
Late Shiv Kumar Rai ITC – GhazipurPrivate440
Lutawan ITIPrivate480
Maa Gayatri Audyogik Prashikshan CentrePrivate80
Maa Kali Adarsh Private ITIPrivate120
Maa Bhagwati ITC – GhazipurPrivate200
Maa Daulti Devi Awam Sahatu Audhyogik Awam Takniki Prashikshan Sansthan – GhazipurPrivate160
Maa Kalindi Singh One Private ITIPrivate240
Maa Kalindi Singh Private ITIPrivate240
Maa Sita Audyogik Prashikshan Kendra – GhazipurPrivate160
Maa Sudami Devi ITC – GhazipurPrivate120
Maa Vaishnavi Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
Maharana Pratap Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate40
Malviya Private ITIPrivate120
Mansha Rai Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
Mata Kalawati Private ITIPrivate120
Mata Keshari Genda Private ITIPrivate120
Mata Parkali Devi ITC – GhazipurPrivate40
Mo. Saquib Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate40
N. I. C. E. Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
National ITC – GhazipurPrivate180
Nav Bharti Private ITC , – GhazipurPrivate80
New H S Private ITI Khanpur GhazipurPrivate240
New National Private ITIPrivate480
OmJee Institute Of Engineering And Technology Private ITIPrivate240
Om Maa Aadi Shakti Snsk Private ITIPrivate240
Panmati ITC – GhazipurPrivate120
Paramhans Yoganand Ji Private ITIPrivate120
Pnr Private ITIPrivate240
Polhawn Lutawan Private ITIPrivate120
Pragya Private ITIPrivate120
Premchand Private ITIPrivate240
Purushottam Private ITIPrivate180
Purvanchal ITC – GhazipurPrivate120
R J Y Private ITIPrivate120
R N Global Private ITIPrivate120
R R Sainik Private ITIPrivate120
R. K. Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate240
Raghunath Singh Private ITIPrivate240
Raj Kishor Singh ITC – GhazipurPrivate100
Raja Ram SmrITI National ITC – GhazipurPrivate300
Rajan Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate360
Rajaram Pvt. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate360
Ram Doot ITI – GhazipurPrivate200
Ram Govind Smarak Private ITIPrivate180
Ram Lachchhan Pvt. ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
Ramadhar Private ITIPrivate120
Ramakant Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
Ramdhari Pahalwan Private ITIPrivate240
Ramjet Institute Of Engineering & Technology Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
Ramnaresh Pvt. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120
Ramnath Munshi Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate300
Reshmi ITC – GhazipurPrivate320
Rrs Private ITIPrivate240
Rsl Private ITIPrivate120
S J M National Private ITIPrivate120
S K S Private Audyogik Prashikshan KendraPrivate120
S P S Private ITIPrivate120
S S Private ITIPrivate120
S. Ali National Industrial Training Centre & Vocational Training Centre Jakh – GhazipurPrivate444
S.B. ITC – GhazipurPrivate180
S.N.S.K Private ITIPrivate312
Sadbhawana Private ITIPrivate120
Sadguru Private ITIPrivate120
Sant Kinaram Pvt ITIPrivate300
Santboola Private ITIPrivate120
Sarthak ITC – GhazipurPrivate168
Satyadeo Industrial Training InstitutePrivate480
Satyam ITC – GhazipurPrivate200
Satyam ITC – GhazipurPrivate360
Shaheed Vishwanath Private ITIPrivate120
Shahzada Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate120
Shanti Devi Prayag Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
Shanti Devi Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate240
Shanti Kamala Private ITIPrivate120
Shanti Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
Sheela Devi Private ITIPrivate120
Shiv Baba ITC – GhazipurPrivate200
Shiv Pratap Private ITIPrivate120
Shivam Pvt. I.T.I.Private60
Shivkumar Rai Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate120
Shri A K National Private ITIPrivate180
Shri Babunandan Private ITIPrivate240
Shri Bajrang Shikshan Prashikshan CollegePrivate360
Shri Baleshwar Pandey ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
Shri Bnm National Private ITIPrivate120
Shri Chandrabali Private ITIPrivate240
Shri Dhaneshwar Shiksha Evam Prashikshan SansthanPrivate480
Shri Hori Lal Private ITI Ethan Anauni Saidpur Ghazipur UpPrivate120
Shri Jai Bajarang Private ITIPrivate240
Shri Kalicharan Ji Private Technical Training ITI Educational Center, SadatPrivate240
Shri Munnar Private ITI Prashikshan SansthanPrivate120
Shri Palakdhari Private ITIPrivate240
Shri Paltu Private ITIPrivate120
Shri Rajaram Private ITIPrivate240
Shri Ram Singh Private ITIPrivate180
Shri Ram Soorat National Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
Shri Rudra Shiv Private ITIPrivate240
Shri Vashisth College Of Engineering And Technology Private ITIPrivate240
Shri Vijay ITIPrivate360
Shrivatsa Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
Sm Private ITIPrivate240
Sri Bajrang ITC – GhazipurPrivate360
Sri Krishna I T I – GhazipurPrivate200
Sri Motilal Private ITIPrivate240
Subedar Singh ITC – GhazipurPrivate280
Suryavanshi Private ITIPrivate240
Swami Vivekanand National Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate80
U S A Engineering And Technology Private ITIPrivate240
U.P ITC – GhazipurPrivate320
Vijay Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate240
Vijay Private ITC – GhazipurPrivate120
Vipin Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate240
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