K12 Mathematics Test Preparation Tips for Students

In this post, I’ve provided some effective study tips for mathematics subject. Students may use this guide to prepare for K12 mathematics tests and other relevant online mathematics tests. Tips, strategy, time management – I’ve tried to cover everything that matters to students in this post.

K12 Mathematics Tips

Mathematics forms an integral part of K12 school curriculum. With each passing grade, the subject becomes more advanced and complex. For example, in K12 schooling system, first grade mathematics subject deals with simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc.


By third and fourth grade, students are trained in areas such as percentage, decimals, profit and loss etc. By seventh grade, the curriculum covers topics such as algebra and geometry.


And by 12th grade, the mathematics curriculum consists of topics such as – integration, differentiation, functions, probability etc. Some students find mathematics to be a very interesting subject. But most students approach this subject with fear! For them, mathematics is a tough subject!


To be honest, mathematics is not a tough subject at all. The way we approach the subject is what matters the most! If you approach the subject with lack of confidence and fear, it may seem tough to you. But if you approach the subject with confidence, good strategy and determination, you will find a way to tackle it and ultimately conquer the subject!


In this post, I’ve provided study tips, effective strategy and other test preparation tricks. These tips, strategy and tricks will help you score well in mathematics tests conducted in your school. No matter which grade you belong to – 1 to 12 – these tips will help you master mathematics subject!


Mathematics test preparation tips for K12 students


1 Approach the subject with a positive attitude

Don’t let lack of confidence, fear and uncertainty decide your fate! Face mathematics subject with confidence and determination. Don’t just assume that mathematics is a tough subject. Many students assume that mathematics is a tough subject and devote less time towards preparing for it.


Mathematics is just another subject. Through determination, preparation and discipline, this subject too can be mastered. Own this attitude and approach the subject with a positive mindset.


2 Time management

Time management plays an important role in a student’s life. Leave mathematics, a student’s entire academic performance depends on the way he/she manages his/her time.


If you are weak in mathematics, allocate more time towards its preparation. Prepare/modify your time table in such a way that more sessions/hours are dedicated towards mathematics subject.


3 Focus on weak areas

Mathematics, the field of study, is pretty broad. It consists of areas such as – algebra, geometry, linear equations, matrices etc. It is not uncommon to see students struggling in certain areas. For example – a student may perform well in geometry, but he/she just struggles with algebra.


Under such circumstances, one must focus more on the weak area and try to work on improving it. Dedicate your mathematics preparation sessions towards weak areas. Solve practice sets, mock problem sets and improve in that area.


4 Practice will make you perfect

Mathematics can be mastered through practice. Mathematics can’t be mastered through reading. One must solve problems to master it. Use practice sets, online test series, mock tests and questions banks to practice topics such as algebra, linear equations, matrices etc.


5 Understanding the concept > Rote learning

When it comes to mathematics subject, rote learning is not very effective. Many students try to prepare for mathematics tests through rote learning. Rote learning may help achieve short-term goals. But it is not very effective when it comes to long-term goals and major exams.


Students must try to understand basic concepts. While preparing a topic (for example – matrices), focus on the fundamentals. Understand basics behind the topic. This will help you master the topic (and the subject).


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6 Seek help of a tutor (if necessary)

If you want someone to help simplify the learning process, you may seek help of an experienced tutor. A good tutor will help you understand the basics and fundamentals of the subject. He/she will help you improve your academic performance. You may also check – K12 test preparation tips.

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