SSB Interview coaching: Importance and advantages

SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview is a tough nut to crack! Indian youngsters, who want to join Indian Armed Forces are well aware of this interview. Each year, thousands of students apply for competitive exams like NDA (National Defence Academy), CDS (Combined Defence Services), AFCAT etc. These entrance exams are ways for students to join various sections of Indian Armed Forces like- Indian Army, IAF (Indian Air Force) and Indian Navy. After clearing written part of these exams, successful candidates then have to face SSB Interview! In short, SSB Interview acts like a filter, which helps selection officers filter out the ‘right candidates’ who may go on and become Commissioned Officers in the Armed Forces. So tough and tricky is this interview that there are number of coaching classes meant for SSB Coaching! But will taking help of an SSB coaching class will be of real help? If yes, then in which way will coaching come handy? In this article, we will find answers to those very questions.

SSB Coaching

SSB Coaching doesn’t guarantee success!

Yes, you read it right! Just going for SSB coaching alone won’t help you crack the interview. For example, just take an example of some of the prominent SSB coaching institutes from around the country. In most cases, among the students that they train, about 20-25% of them manage to get recommended.


So, just coaching alone won’t help you succeed! You should also have natural skills and personality to crack SSB Interview.


Having said that, let me also tell that going for coaching also has its own advantages! There are some good advantages that will help you a lot during actual SSB Interview.


Let us check out those advantages in the below section-


Advantages of going for SSB Coaching

The main advantage that coaching offers is that it helps you get familiar with the various stages involved in SSB Interview. You see, SSB Interview is not a single stage process. Multiple stages are involved in it. On the very first day, there will be a test that acts like a screening test. Candidates who manage to pass in it are then subjected to further tests.


These tests are designed to evaluate and rate candidates’ aptitude, check presence of Officer like Qualities in them etc.


To successfully crack SSB Interview, one must have detailed knowledge about the various stages involved in the interview. One must also be aware of the techniques required to face these set of tests.


Coaching classes will definitely help one get to know these tests in a better way. Also, it will help one acquire necessary skills that will help score well in these tests.


The above mentioned points are the main advantages that SSB coaching offers. Apart from them, coaching also helps one improve confidence levels. Knowing about all the tests in advance and going through mock interviews will definitely improve one’s confidence level!


Also, coaching helps improve communications skills. Note that communication skill plays an important role, when it comes to SSB Interview. To perform well in tests such as- personal Interview, Group Discussion, Group task etc, one must have sound communication skills!


During coaching, candidates are extensively trained for these tests. Special importance is give to communication skills.


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Then comes the trainer part. Most reputed SSB Coaching classes have ex SSB Officers in their staff. Learning from such retired Officers is something that will help one out during the actual Interview!

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