Top Law Colleges in India: Tips to find/select them

The Institute/College from where you pursue the course matters a lot. The same thing matters a lot, when it comes to Law courses. This article is all about “Finding the top Law Colleges in India”. The quality of the college plays an important role in deciding how well the career of a student grows. Value of a professional course matters a lot. At the same time, with the help of a reputed College, even less valuable professional courses will enable one to land a good job and scale up the career ladder! That is the kind of importance that the ‘quality of the Institute’ holds. The same ‘quality of the Institute’ criteria applies in case of Law course too! In this article, I will describe some tips and suggestions that will help you choose a good Law College.

Find top Law Colleges

Find out how you may find the Best Law College in India-


Why selecting the ‘right’ College matters?

Some might argue that it is the quality of the course that matters the most! To an extent, quality of the course matters. But then, what if the College in which you took admission don’t have good quality faculty members to teach you the course material well? Then the value of the course won’t be any help to you!


By choosing the right College, you will get benefits in the form of quality learning experience, advice from experienced and reputed faculty, up to date curriculum and teaching methods etc.


In the end, how much you have learned doesn’t matter. It is how well you learned that matters the most. And good Colleges makes sure that you have learned your lessons well, thanks to their excellent teaching practices.


How to select the right Law College

One must look at certain factors, while selecting the right College. Good quality, reputed Institutes have lots of common traits. Just visit the Colleges in which you are interested, visit the campus and see if you find the below mentioned traits. Do not just grab their promotional pamphlet and go through their salient features. Many times, such advertorial material could be misleading! So, visit the campus and see things yourself. Check if the below mentioned features and facilities are available in the Campus! Below mentioned are some of the outstanding and striking features of a good quality Law Institute.


Tips to find and select the Top Law Colleges in India


1 Is the College Approved by the Bar Council of India?

This is the first and the foremost thing that you need to do. Check whether the Institute has been recognized and approved by the Bar Council of India or not! Almost all of them are recognized and approved. Still, in case of a new Institute, it is better to check such facts out and stay safe!


2 Grade rating

Universities and Colleges are graded, based on various factors such as quality, faculty, infrastructure etc. Make sure that the College you are interested in possesses good grade!


3 Quality of the Faculty

Make sure that the Institute boasts a team of good quality faculty. The quality of the faculty determines the quality of learning experience. It indirectly influences the career growth that you will have later in your career. You may take help of existing students of the Institute and evaluate the quality of the faculty.


4 Presence of up to date curriculum and study practices

Study practices and curriculum may vary from one Institute to another. Reputed Colleges generally have a Global Curriculum which is up to date and meets the global standards’ requirements.


5 Availability of good Moot Court sessions

When it comes to Law Education, Moot course sessions holds much importance. It gives Law students much needed hands on experience. It helps them learn the proceedings in a court room from up close and get used to those procedures. In short, it helps them practice well and thus help boost confidence. It helps them take on real court room situations efficiently in the future.


Make sure that the College in question has good Moot Court facilities and that Moot Court sessions are held from time to time.


6 Availability of Scholarships

Good Colleges and Institutes reward meritorious students handsomely! They shower upon deserving students good scholarships. Make sure that the College in question offers good Scholarships to meritorious students. Scholarships definitely will help ease financial burden on ones family!


7 Presence of good Infrastructure

We all know how important the quality of the faculty team is. I mentioned how their quality determines the learning experience! But, to be honest, along with a quality faculty team, the presence of good infrastructural facilities is also needed, to make the learning experience a quality one!


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Top Law colleges in India


8 Availability of well equipped Library

Make sure that the Institute has a good Library stocked with loads of useful study materials as well as other books. The presence of a well stocked E-Library is also an added advantage and shows the quality of the College!


9 Availability of Hostel facilities

Make sure that well equipped hostel facility is provided for boys and girls. Also make sure that well functioning canteens/messes are also present.


10 Availability of other useful features

Good Institutes also have other useful facilities such as- ATMs, Health Centre, Recreational facilities etc within the campus.


11 Does the College conduct Skill building sessions?

Skills are very important, if one wants to scale up the career ladder in the field of Law! Good Colleges have skill development programs where much importance is given to useful skills such as personality development, language skills etc.


Some of the best Law Colleges/Universities in India


Some well known Law Colleges/Institutes in India are-

  1. NALSAR (National Academy of Legal Studies And Research) University- Hyderabad
  2. NLSIU (National Law School of India University)- Bangalore
  3. NLIU (National Law Institute University)- Bhopal
  4. NLIU (National Law Institute University)- Jodhpur
  5. ILS Law College- Pune
  6. NUJS (West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences)- Kolkata, West Bengal
  7. Campus Law Centre, Delhi University- New Delhi
  8. GNLU (Gujarat National Law University)- Gandhinagar
  9. SLS (Symbiosis Law School)- Pune
  10. Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University- Aligarh


Please note that the above list has not been ranked in ascending or descending order. The entries are listed in random order.


If you are all set to pursue Law courses, do give adequate importance to the above mentioned factors. Look for the above mentioned traits in Colleges in which you are interested in getting admission. Choose a good College and reap the benefits!

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