Essay on Devin Booker: My Favorite Sportsperson & Icon

I’m a huge fan of the NBA and basketball. I’ve been in love with this game since my childhood. I started playing this game at an early age. My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite sportsperson is a basketball player. He is Devin Booker and this essay is dedicated to him.

Devin Booker Essay

His performance on the court is the main reason why I love him. In this essay, I have covered an outline of his career, his qualities on the court, his exploits in games, his qualities and interesting facts about him.


By the time you finish reading this essay, you will get a good idea about his career and life. You will also understand why I love and admire Devin Booker.


Before heading to Devin’s career, life or qualities, let me tell you more about how I started following basketball and the NBA. As I mentioned before, I started playing basketball at a very young age. We had a local park where the kids from neighborhood would gather around and play different games.


The park had a little basketball hoop, which was made for kids. I started playing there. With time, by playing basketball, I gained many good friends. It also helped me develop a special interest in the game. Growing up, I played basketball at the local youth club. As of now, I play for my high school basketball team.


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I also enjoy watching basketball games. When I’m not studying, playing or practicing, I enjoy spending my time watching basketball. The NBA is my favorite basketball league. Watching talented players like Devin Booker helps me learn new things and motivates me to work on my techniques.


One fine day, I was watching the Phoenix Suns in action. That was the first time Devin Booker caught my attention. I saw his remarkable performance that day and decided to keep a close look on that fantastic player. This is how I started following his games closely.


While watching him play, I was able to learn new things. What he did on the court was amazing and I just wanted to develop similar techniques. Slowly, I just became his ardent fan! Okay, let us talk about his early life and career now.


Devin Booker was born in Michigan, USA. His father is a former professional basketball player. As a kid, he used to stay with his mother while his father was abroad pursuing his professional basketball career. Little Devin would visit his father in between. Seeing his dad play basketball had a huge influence on his. His dad’s career motivated him to pursue basketball seriously. And he showed signs of brilliance at a very young age. And tips, motivation and guidance from his father helped him develop his skills and technique at a rapid pace.


His position is – Point Guard. He had a fantastic high school basketball career. Throughout his high school career, he showed signs of brilliance and maturity. He was simply elegant and consistent. Coaches and spectators just loved to see him play. He was a game changer for his team. With his presence, the team could take on the toughest of challenges.


After completing a successful high school career, it was now time for Devin to kick-start his college career. He had ample amount of self-confidence. It is the main reason why he declared for the NBA draft in 2015 and forgo his final three years of college eligibility.


He began his professional career with the Phoenix Suns. At Suns, as I mentioned before, he caught my attention. On the court, he is simply elegant and dedicated. His presence can work wonders for his team. His concentration level is amazing and his work rate is impressive. In short, he is a very valuable asset to his team. And at twenty four years of age (as of now), he is still very young. He still has room for improvement. If he continues to work on his game, he will become a world class superstar of the NBA.

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