Best places for Indian students to study abroad in 2022

Studying abroad is an option that many Indian students tend to overlook. When it comes to higher education and professional courses, there are only few premier Indian institutes and colleges. A large part of them are mediocre, when it comes to quality of education and training. Still, a large portion of Indian students compromise and decide to pursue higher education in those mediocre institutes, instead of studying abroad, in reputed institutes under good Universities. This article is all about some top destinations for Indian students to study abroad. These destinations boast of some reputed institutes that offer courses ranging from Engineering, MBBS to Nursing! Read the entire list and find that perfect place abroad to complete your higher education.

top places to study abroad

Why higher education abroad is a good option?

Like I said before, looking from Global standard’s point of view, most Indian institutes lack in quality. Yes, there are premier institutes in India, but then there are few limited seats in them.

The training imparted in foreign universities values practical knowledge much. They also conduct workshops and impart job oriented programs from time to time. This, according to me is the biggest advantage that foreign education from developed countries offers us.


The best destinations for Indian students to study abroad-


#1 Canada

Canada flag

First of all, it is a developed country. There are some reputed Universities and Institutes there imparting top notch education in fields like Engineering, MBBS etc.


Advantages of studying in Canada

According to reports, Canada is facing a shortage of skilled professionals right now. This leaves a huge gap in demand and supply of professionals. So, the Government has reportedly loosened emigration laws and is allowing foreign students to take up jobs there post graduation and settle in that country. This is an attractive prospect for Indian students who want to settle there after studies.

The political scenario in Canada is stable, the Government is doing a good job. The financial situation is also very stable. Various basic necessities like healthcare, welfare programs etc are available at low costs.

Most reputed institutes there levy only minimal tuition fee. Further, there are many useful scholarships available for foreign students. The presence of many Co-operative colleges and Universities ensures that tuition fee is minimum across many colleges.

Some other attractions are the availability of paid internships in abundance. After graduating, students are further allocated up to 3 years of post study work permit! This is a blessing for those who seek to work and settle down there gradually. This also leaves the possibility of permanent residency open!


#2 Germany

German flag

Like Canada, Germany is also a developed nation. A multi ethnic culture exists there. This country is especially renowned for the quality of technical education (Engineering and various job oriented programs). Let’s see what advantages Germany has in stock for Indian students-


Advantages of studying in Germany

The main advantage is the availability of Public funded Universities in Germany. These Universities offers tuition free education, when it comes to courses like Engineering, Masters in Engineering etc. This facility is a boon for students who come from humble financial backgrounds.

Paid internships are available in abundance in Germany too! Just take a look at the number of MNCs operating in Germany. They encourage youngsters to join them by offering paid internships even before students graduate!

German Blue card which students will obtain, can be used to work anywhere in Europe. Thus, it helps students to extend that geographical limitation and enable them to search for job anywhere across Europe!


#3 Ireland


An option that is overlooked by many Indian students who plan to study abroad. Let’s see how Ireland will surprise us, when it comes to higher studies-


Advantages of studying in Ireland

The Irish education program and curriculum is one of the most appreciated one across the world. Enough emphasis is laid on the skill set of the students. In order to develop those skills, job oriented industrial training programs are conducted frequently. Research is also given much importance by Irish Institutes, thus giving students an opportunity to innovate and build a career in Research and Development!

The presence of many MNCs is also an encouraging factor. The fact that like in Germany, MNCs in Ireland too encourage students to take up paid internships and jobs there.


#4 Norway

Norway flag

Just like Ireland, India students tend to overlook Norway, when it comes to the question of studying abroad. I don’t know what is wrong with studying in Norway, particularly when it offers some mouthwatering features and advantages-


Advantages of studying in Norway

Standard of living is high in Norway. Thus, foreign students will find there stay in Norway to be a pleasant one! Essential services, healthcare, welfare programs are readily available for no fees!

Talking about higher studies, like Germany, Norway too has Institutes and Universities that offer tuition fee free courses and programs. Some well known courses being taught there are- Oil and gas mining, shipping related courses etc. Since these industries are flourishing there, students may take up a job in those very sectors.


#5 Bulgaria

Bulgaria flag

If you are interested in doing MBBS abroad, Bulgaria is a good destination in Europe. Let’s see what Bulgaria has to offer-


Advantages of studying in Bulgaria

The main advantage is the quality of education and the cost that one has to pay for it. The fees levied there is low, when compared to many private Institutes back in India. At the same time, the quality of the education is not compromised at all. Factors like student teacher ratio, student security etc are well taken care of.

Another added advantage is the friendly environment. By friendly, I mean that the locals are open minded and are friendly. There are already many Indian and Asian students studying in Institutes in Bulgaria. Special care is taken care, when it comes to accommodation, food and other aspects of foreign students.


#6 China

PR China

Like Bulgaria, China is also well known for MBBS programs. These programs cost less, but are high on value.


Advantages of studying in China

Low fees is the most appealing advantage. Then comes the quality part, which is high! Looking from Global standard’s point of view, the quality of the training imparted in China is higher than most private institutes in India. Plus there is an added advantage that China is near India, in Asia itself. There already are many Indian students studying there.


#7 USA


It is already a favorite destination among Indian students. Still, let’s run through some main advantages that The US has in stock for foreign students-


Advantages of studying in USA

The efficiency of the educational courses and programs there is impressive. Skill development is given due importance. The existence of many top ranked Universities is also a major attraction. Of course, getting into the top ranked Universities is not an easy task.

The value of degree from reputed Universities in USA is much! But cost of living and tuition fee are some turn offs, when it comes to studying in USA. But some useful and helpful scholarships can be availed to tackle those problems.


#8 UK

UK Flag

Again, it is a favorite destination among Indian students. MBA programs in UK are much sought ones. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages-


Advantages of studying in UK

The presence of a strong Indian community is the most encouraging factor. UK boasts existence of some top notch and high ranked Universities and Institutes.

Indian students can avail number of scholarships. There are number of them available. Making use of them can lift financial strain off the shoulder of the student.

The MBA programs offered by many institutes in UK are pretty attractive. The high value MBA course whose duration is just 1 year is pretty popular among Indian students. Also, there are attractive Engineering programs too, offered by UK institutes.


#9 Sweden

Swedish flag

Like Norway, the standard of living in Sweden is high. Leaving that apart, let’s see how well Sweden fares, when it comes to higher education-


Advantages of studying in Sweden

When it comes to higher education, Sweden is among the top 3 ranked destinations in Europe! This high ranking shouts out loud the quality of the education imparted here. Sweden is also home to some top ranked Universities and Institutes.

Another attractive advantage is that the admission process is relatively simple. It must be noted that one can get admission even without giving tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc.

Scholarships (up to even 100%) is another motivating factor. In case of meritorious students, the entire tuition fee and study related expenses are waived off!

Add to it the availability of high end MNCs, who encourage students to take up opportunities of paid internships, and you have an exciting prospect! Landing high paying jobs just after graduating is a real possibility in case of Sweden.


#10 New Zealand

New Zealand

A peaceful country, where an Indian diaspora is already settled and flourishing. Let’s take a look at the prominent features and advantages in stock in the case of NZ-


Advantages of studying in New Zealand

When it comes to New Zealand, there are reputed institutes that offers courses like Engineering, MBA, Hotel management and hospitality courses etc. This wide variety of courses is the main attraction.

Studying there will open door towards taking up permanent residency. This is an attractive prospect for many Indian students who wish to emigrate to NZ.

Indian students who have studies and completed schooling from English medium boards are not required to appear for IELTS in many cases. In case of other students, appearing for that exam is mandatory.


#11 Australia


Like NZ, an Indian diaspora exists in Australia. Let’s take a closer look at the picture-


Advantages of studying in Australia

Like NZ, presence of wide variety of courses from reputed institutes is the main attraction. Add to that the availability of scholarships, you have an exciting prospect in your hand! Australia is home to some top ranked Universities in the world!

Paid internships is another feature that many students will find attractive. This will help ease financial burden on students to an extent. Work permit of up to 2-3 years is also available, if any student wants to take up job in Australia after graduation!

Those were some best destinations for Indian students to pursue their higher education abroad. There are some striking advantages like higher standard of living, social safety, paid internships, low fees, scholarships, industry oriented training, opportunity to take up permanent residency etc, in the case of many of the above mentioned locations.

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