Essay on Lewis Hamilton: My Idol, Favorite Sportsperson & Racing Driver

I’m passionate about sports. I regularly follow sporting events and games such as – football, rugby, tennis, badminton, F1, Moto GP and more. Among all of these sporting events and series, F1 is my absolute favorite sporting event. This is the reason why my favorite sportsperson is a F1 star.

Essay on Lewis Hamilton

My favorite sportsperson is none other than Lewis Hamilton, the modern-day F1 legend! Why do I love and support Lewis so much, some of you may ask. Well, I have more than one reason to support and idolize him. And I will certainly disclose those reasons in this essay. This essay is dedicated to Lewis Hamilton – my favorite sportsperson and my source of inspiration.


First of all, let us talk about Lewis’ childhood. This part of his life always amazes and inspires me. Lewis Hamilton was born in England. His father is of Grenadian descent and his mother is white. This makes him belong to mixed-race.


At a very young age, Lewis was drawn towards the world of cars and racing. His father encouraged him by gifting him a go-kart. This fueled his passion for car racing. While taking part in various racing events in his childhood, young Lewis was subjected to racial abuse.


He’d be the only black kid at most of these racing events. This made bullies to single him out. Without any doubt, Lewis had some tough experiences in his childhood due to the color of his skin!


But this didn’t bogged him down. Following the advise of his father, Lewis didn’t let criticism and bullying get to the back of his head. Instead of that, he let his performances on the race track do the talking! He was so determined that he enrolled for karate training program to defend himself against the bullies.


I try to derive inspiration from his childhood. Like Lewis, I believe in facing adversities and taking them on head-on!


Let us focus on his F1 racing career now. F1 is the stage that made him a global super-star! He made his F1 debut in 2007. It was McLaren who trusted the young driver and offered him a seat. And at McLaren, Lewis had the privilege to partner the great Spaniard Fernando Alonso!


In his debut race, he managed to bag a podium finish. The first race was more than enough to recognize his talent and temerament at the highest level!


In his debut season, he finished runner-up in the Drivers’ Championship. In his second season, he managed to clinch the Drivers’ Championship in dramatic fashion!


As of now, Lewis is part of the Mercedes racing family! He joined Mercedes team in the year 2013. His debut season with Mercedes was pretty decent. And in the second season with the Silver Arrows, he won the Drivers’ Championship. After the gap of a year, he clinched the title back. Displaying his class and quality on the track, he won four titles in a row!


Right from his debut, he has managed to create various records and milestones. And to this day, he remains very focused and competitive. He hasn’t lost that ‘winning attitude’. I firmly believe that he will set many more records in the future.


Here are some of the Lewis’ qualities, which we must try to inculcate in our lives – discipline, determination, will to work hard and consistency. I hope and pray that Lewis will continue to entertain his fans through his performances on the track in the coming years.

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