Best Government ITI in Telangana 2022: Admission, Trades & More

Are you looking for the list of best government ITIs in Telangana, India? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best government ITI in Telangana.

Govt ITI Telangana

This post has been crafted keeping the needs of 8th and 10th passed candidates in mind. Here, readers will find the following details – list of govt ITIs, their address, trades offered, duration, eligibility criteria, admission process and more.


First of all, let us check out the list of ITIs now. Here it is –


Best Government ITI in Telangana 2022

  1. Government ITI, Adilabad
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Dasnapur, Adilabad
  2. Government ITI, Bhongir
    • Type: Government
    • Address: NH 163, Byepass road, Bhongir
  3. Government ITI (Tribals), Utnoor
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Komurabheem complex, Utnoor, Adilabad
  4. Government ITI, Aler
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Subhashnagar, Aler, Bhongir-Yadagiri
  5. Government QQS ITI for girls, Santhoshnagar
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Opposite Yadagiri theater, New Santhosh nagar colony, Hyderabad
  6. Government ITI, Musheerabad
    • Type: Government
    • Address: R-TC-X Road, Musheerabad, Hyderabad
  7. Government ITI, Mallepally
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Mallepally, Vijayanagar colony, Asifnagar mandal, Hyderabad
  8. Government ITI, Old City
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Near zoo park, Bahadurpura, Hyderabad
  9. Government ITI, Shanthinagar
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Vijaynagar colony, ITI Mallepally, Hyderabad
  10. Government ITI, Sanathnagar
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Czech colony, Sanathnagar, Hyderabad
  11. Government ITI, Vijayanagar colony
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Mallepally, Vijayanagar colony, Asifnagar Mandal, Hyderabad
  12. Government ITI, Khairthabad
    • Type: Government
    • Address: New Mallepally, Hyderabad
  13. Government ITI, Jagtiyal
    • Type: Government
    • Address: SRSP, Dharoor camp Mandal, Jagtiyal
  14. Government ITI, Kataram
    • Type: Government
    • Address: ZPHS campus, Kataram, Jayashankar-Bhupalapalli
  15. Government ITI, Bhupalapally
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Kataram road, Bhupalapally, Jayashankar-Bhupalapally
  16. Government ITI, Gadwal
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Market yard, Gadwal, Jogulamba-Gadwal
  17. Government ITI, Bichkunda
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Gopanpalle village, Bichkunda, Kamareddy
  18. Government ITI, Yellareddy
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Sathelli base, Yellareddy, Kamareddy
  19. Government ITI, Karimnagar
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Ujwal park, NTR marg, Karimnagar
  20. Government ITI, Khammam
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Indiranagar, Tekulapally, Khammam
  21. Government ITI, Kothagudem
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Rudrampur post, Kothagudem, Kothagudem-Bhadrari
  22. Government ITI, Krishnasagar
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Krishnasagar, Burgampad mandal, Kothagudem-Bhadradri
  23. Government ITI, Manuguru
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Mutyalamma nagar, Manguru mandal, Kothugadem-Bhadrari
  24. Government ITI, Mahaboobnagar
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Industrial estate, opposite picnic hotel, Mettugadda, Mahaboobnagar
  25. Government ITI for Girls, Mahaboobnagar
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Pillalamarri road, Mahaboobnagar
  26. Government ITI, Mahabubabad
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Yellandu road, Mahabubabad
  27. Government ITI, Mancherial
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Bellampally road, Mancherial
  28. Government ITI, Mandamarri
    • Type: Government
    • Address: 3rd zone, Mandamarri, Mancherial
  29. Government ITI, Srirampur
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Old singareni high school building, Near post office, Srirampur, Mancherial
  30. Government ITI, Jannaram
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Opposite Bharat Gas, Jannaram, Mancherial
  31. Government ITI, Medak
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Government PG college campus, Dyanchand chowrasta, Ramayampeta road, Medak
  32. Government ITI, Medchal
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Beside session court, Medchal, Medchal-Malkajgiri
  33. Government ITI, Alwal
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Main road, Lothkunta, Alwal, Secunderabad, Medchal-Malkajgiri
  34. Government ITI, Shameerpet
    • Type: Government
    • Address: NALSAR University road, Opposite mini stadium, Shameerpet, Medchal-Malkajgiri
  35. Government ITI (Tribals), Eturunagaram
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Akulavari Ghanapuram village, Eturnagaram, Mulugu
  36. Government ITI, Wazeedu
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Government junior college campus, Wazeedu, Mulugu
  37. Government ITI, Mannanur
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Ambrabad road, Mannanur, Nagarkurnool
  38. Government ITI, Kalwarkurhty
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Opposite petrol bunk, Mahaboobnagar road, Kalwakurhty, Nagarkurnool
  39. Government ITI (Old), Nalgonda
    • Type: Government
    • Address: BTS, Miyalaguda road, Nalgonda
  40. Government ITI, Dindi
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Beside IB guest house, Dindi, Nalgonda
  41. Government ITI (New), Nalgonda
    • Type: Government
    • Address: BTS, Miyalaguda road, Nalgonda
  42. Government ITI, Anumula
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Devarakonda road, Anumula, Nalgonda
  43. Government ITI (Minorities), Bodhan
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Achanapally, Shakkarnagar, Nizamabad road, Bodhan, Nizamabad
  44. Government ITI, Kammarpally
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Basheerabad village, Kammarpally, Nizamabad
  45. Government ITI, Bheemgal
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Chokkaiah Gutta, Velpur road, Bheemgal, Nizamabad
  46. Government ITI (Old), Nizamabad
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Shivaji nagar, Varni road, Nizamabad
  47. Government ITI (New), Nizamabad
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Shivaji nagar, Varni road, Nizamabad
  48. Government ITI, Ramagundam
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Mubharaknagar, Ramagundam, Peddapalli
  49. Government ITI, Peddapalli
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Near RTC bus stand, Main road, Peddapally
  50. Government ITI, Shadnagar
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Linga Reddy Guda, Shadnagar, Ranga Reddy
  51. Government ITI, Patancheru
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Beside Bheeramguda Kaman, Main road, Ramachandrapuram, Patancheru
  52. Government ITI, Hathnoora
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Hathnoora village, Sanga Reddy
  53. Government ITI, Sangareddy
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Opposite CSI church, Main road, Sangareddy
  54. Government ITI, Kukunoorpally
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Kukunoorpally, Kondapaka Mandal, Siddipet
  55. Government ITI, Siddipet
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Municipal building, Nasarpura, Siddipet
  56. Government ITI, Dubakka
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Beside MRO office, Dubakka, Siddipet
  57. Government ITI, Siricilla
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Mandapally village, Thangapally mandal, Siricilla, Siicilla-Rajanna
  58. Government ITI, Vikarabad
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Market road, Subhash nagar, Vikarabad
  59. Government ITI, Marpally
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Market road, Subhashnagar, Vikarabad
  60. Government ITI, Wanaparthy
    • Type: Government
    • Address: KDR polytechnic campus, Wanaparthy
  61. Government ITI, Hanumakonda
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Mulugu road, Warangal
  62. Government ITI, Warangal
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Mulugu road, Warangal
  63. Government ITI, Kazipet
    • Type: Government
    • Address: Vegatable market road, Bapuki nagar, Kazipet, Warangal


Come, let us take a close look at some of the popular trades offered by ITIs in Telangana. Here’s the list of best trades, their duration and eligibility criteria –


ITI trades in Telangana



Eligibility criteria

Carpenter1 yearPassed 8th class
Computer operator and programming assistant1 yearPassed 10th class
Dental laboratory equipment technician2 yearsPassed 10th class
Draughtsman (civil)2 yearsPassed 10th class
Draughtsman (mechanical)2 yearsPassed 10th class
Dress making1 yearPassed 8th class
Electrician2 yearsPassed 10th class
Electronics mechanic2 yearsPassed 10th class
Fitter2 yearsPassed 10th class
Foundryman1 yearPassed 10th class
Health sanitary inspector1 yearPassed 10th class
Instrument mechanic (chemical)2 yearsPassed 10th class
Instrument mechanic2 yearsPassed 10th class
Laboratory assistant chemical plant2 yearsPassed 10th class
Litho offset machine minder1 yearPassed 10th class
Machinist (grinder)2 yearsPassed 10th class
Machinist2 yearsPassed 10th class
Mechanic motor vehicle2 yearsPassed 10th class
Mechanic refrigeration and air conditioning2 yearsPassed 10th class
Mechanic auto body painting1 yearPassed 10th class
Mechanic auto body repair1 yearPassed 10th class
Mechanic diesel1 yearPassed 10th class
Plastic processing operator1 yearPassed 10th class
Plumber1 yearPassed 8th class
Sewing technology1 yearPassed 8th class
Sheet metal worker1 yearPassed 8th class
Stenographer and secretarial assistant1 yearPassed 10th class
Turner2 yearsPassed 10th class
Welder1 yearPassed 8th class
Wireman2 yearsPassed 8th class


The trades listed above can be broadly classified into two types – engineering trades and non-engineering trades. They are also known as technical and non-technical trades. This classification is done on the basis of trade-content.


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For example, if a trade is based on an engineering or technical subject, it is known as an engineering trade. For example – mechanic, electrician, draughtsman etc. On the other hand, if the trade is based on a non-engineering or non-technical subject, it is known as non-engineering trade. For example – sewing technology, stenography, basic cosmetology etc.


Come, let us take a close look at the admission process. Here is everything you need to know about it –


ITI Admission in Telangana

Admission process may vary from one ITI to another. For example, private ITIs have merit based, direct and donation based admission process. On the other hand, government ITIs strictly follow merit based admission process (only).


Under merit based admission process, seats are distributed among deserving candidates on the basis of their performance in relevant board exam and/or selection test. In order to secure a government seat, you must perform well in relevant exam/selection test.

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