Tips to Prepare for 11th & 12th Chemistry Exam | Proven Tips, Tricks & Methods

Are you studying in 11th or 12th class? Do you want pass Chemistry exam with flying colors? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve listed down some proven tips, tricks and methods, which will help you prepare well for chemistry examination.

Chemistry Preparation Tips

Chemistry is an interesting subject. It is a branch of science that deals with the study of elements and compounds. Elements and compounds are composed of atoms, molecules and ions. Chemistry deals with the study of their composition, properties, behavior and changes they undergo during a reaction with other substances.


Chemistry subject forms an integral part of 11th and 12th Science stream schooling. PCM, PCB and PCMB group students are supposed to study this subject while undergoing PUC schooling.


This subject consists of topics such as – organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, chemical reactions, numerical problems, balancing equations etc. These topics may intimidate many of you readers out there! But, if approached systematically, chemistry can be fun to learn!


It is not uncommon to see 11th and 12th class students struggling with chemistry preparation and examination. This post has been crafted keeping the needs of such students in mind.


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Let me ask you a few questions. Is chemistry a tough subject (to study) according to you? Have you been consistently scoring low/failing in chemistry exams/tests? Are you unable to remember chemical reactions? Do you find it tough to balance chemical reactions? Are you struggling with organic and inorganic chemistry?


If yes is your answer to most of these questions, I can understand that you are tired of this subject! Worry not, this post has been crafted keeping folks like you in mind! The tips and tricks provided here will help you tackle chemistry subject systematically.


If you follow these tips with discipline, consistency and a positive mindset, chemistry exams won’t bother or scare you anymore! These tips will help you overcome your fears and pass chemistry paper with flying colors!


Let us check out the tips now. Let us start –


Tips to prepare for 11th and 12th class chemistry examination

Here are the tips, tricks and methods –


1 Get busy early

After a long vacation, the academic year (11th or 12th class) has just begun. What would you do at this juncture of academic life? Yes, many of you would choose to stay relaxed. Most of you won’t even start (serious) preparation until the exams are around the corner!


Here is my little suggestion – start your preparation from day one itself! This strategy will play rich dividends in the long run. Remember, time is one of the most valuable asset that you have access to. Don’t waste it! No matter how silly it may seem, start your chemistry (and other subjects’) preparation early on!


2 Rote learning won’t help in the long run

Science stream subjects (physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics) are quite simple. It is quite easy to deal with these subjects as long as you ‘understand the concepts’.


Rote learning may see effective and easy at first. But it is a tiresome process. Moreover, it won’t benefit you in the long run. Memorizing syllabus and vomiting it out in the exam hall may work for some of you. But it is not the best way to tackle chemistry (or any other science subject). Yes, it is essential to memorize certain things. But the more you ‘understand’ things and delve deeper into the syllabus, the better you will get at it.


3 Learn to deal with chemical reactions

It is not uncommon to see students mugging up chemical reactions. Yes, sometimes, it becomes necessary to memorize these reactions. But the more you ‘understand’ these reactions, the better you will get at it!


Instead of mugging it up, try to ask questions. Try to understand the way chemical reactions are balanced. It is not an easy task. But once you master the basics, you won’t have trouble catching up with tough and complex reactions. If necessary, one may prepare notes on this topic and go for coaching (if necessary).


4 Analyze the syllabus and identify important sections

If you are running short on time, it makes sense to devote the remaining amount of time towards sections that carry maximum marks. Let us call these sections ‘high value sections’. Each year, paper-setters almost always ask questions belonging to some high value sections. Balancing of chemical reactions is one such section. Numerical problems form another high value section.


Analyze the syllabus, go through previous years’ papers, access online learning portals and identify such high value sections. Make sure that you prepare these sections appropriately.


5 Revision matters

Revision forms an integral part of exam preparation. Chart and plan your schedule in such a way that ample amount of time is available for revision. A good revision session must consist of – solving papers, revising individual chapters and revising notes.


6 Coaching/special classes/online learning portals/apps

If necessary, you may choose to go for chemistry coaching or special classes. You may even make use of online learning portals or apps to learn chemistry in an interactive and easy manner.


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7 Things to do a day or two before the exam

Chart your schedule in such a way that you will be able to get adequate amount of rest before the exam. Remember – health is everything! Without a healthy mind, you won’t be able to perform well in the exam. So, try to get adequate amount of rest before the exam. Consume a balanced diet and don’t give undue stress to your body.

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