Top Online Courses to get part time/full time jobs in India

In this article, we will check out some good online courses. These courses are job oriented and will help one find part time as well as full time jobs quickly! The main advantage of pursuing online courses is that the timing could be flexible. For people who face lack of time, thanks to their work schedule and other day to day activities, online courses are a boon! Working folks and students may pursue such courses from the comfort of their homes and at their own convenient timings. In this article, I’ll list some cool courses, which will be of help to Indians (students, working people, housewives and retired folks). Students and Working people are supposed to spend a good portion of time at school/work. This leaves them with less time to pursue regular courses, which may enhance their skills. For such time strapped people, pursuing online courses will be a good option. And it gets better when these courses adds to their skill set and also helps them make money using those very skills! Most of the below listed courses can be pursued for free online!

Online courses

A list of top online courses, which will help one get part time as well as full time jobs-


Top online courses to get part time and full time jobs quickly


#1 Graphics Design courses-

Colored Pencils


This particular course covers many subjects like- providing graphic design and content for websites/apps/other web content, logo designing, image editing etc. In short, within this course, there are sub-branches that you may focus upon. Doing so will make you master of a single trade than being jack of all of them!


Coming to the scope of this course and its sub-branches, the prospects are bright. If one is interested in this field and he/she has creativity, then he/she shouldn’t hesitate in giving it a try!


These days, graphic content is given much importance. Be it Social media, E-Commerce sites, Apps or Online branding, Graphic designing is in much demand and given importance. These days, brands and businesses try to create their own unique appearance that helps them stand out and flaunt a unique style. They want their brand to have a distinct style on Social media also. So, whom do they depend on, to get this task done? Yes, good graphic designers of course. Good graphic designers can help them get a unique look as well as help improve user experience too!


What about Indians, will this course be of help to Indians, you might ask. Yes, it will sure help them add good skills to their arsenal and even help in making use of these very skills to obtain part time jobs too!


The first part time job that comes to my mind is freelancing! Check out any Freelance market place on the internet like- or Fiverr. These sites are excellent platforms for graphic designers to land good gigs and earn some money. You may also check – Web Design courses in India.


I guess students, housewives and working people, who are creative, will be able to benefit from such part time jobs. But yeah, to obtain success on such sites, one has to perform and deliver. That means one has to come up with good work time and again!


#2 SEO Courses-

Search Engine


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. These days, more and more people rely on search engines to find answers to their questions. So, how do search engines manage to rank sites and display them in a particular order on their Search results page? For that, they rely on algorithms.


SEO is all about tweaking and optimizing sites so that they fare well in the eyes of these Search Engine Algorithm and help the site rank higher. Webmasters around the world dedicate much time towards SEO, in a bid to rank their sites/blogs higher.


Big business firms such as E-Commerce giants rely on popular SEO agencies to get SEO work for their site done. Whereas many small and medium sized businesses rely on freelancers to get this task done.


Like any other course, mastering SEO course is not that easy! There are plenty of resources available online, related to SEO training, in the form of E Books, PDF files, tutorials, Video tutorials etc. But it just can’t be mastered in a day. Further, search engines regularly update and enhance their algorithm, in a bid to make their service better and smarter. This leaves old SEO techniques useless, many times! The point is, if you are interested in pursuing this course, you must be prepared to make the ‘learning process’ a continuing one.


Just like in the case of graphic designing, this course will also help one land freelance gigs on online market places like and Fiverr. You may also create your own site and use it as a medium to promote your SEO services.


If you learn the trade well and become a master at it, you really can make it big in this field. You may freelance, start your own venture or even start a consulting service also! This course is not much suited for housewives and retired people, who don’t have much technical know-how.


#3 Blogging Courses-



Blogging course, really? You may frown at this prospect. But yeah, blogging is surely catching up and there are many pro bloggers out there giving blogging coaching and course materials. Some of them give such stuff out for free, while some of them charge fees for such courses and training.


Where to learn such course, you might ask. Well, many blogging tutorials, E Books and guides are available for free. The best place to get started, according to me is- This is a great place to find awesome guides, E Books and resources related to blogging. And yeah, lots of resources over there are available for free!


What after completing the course/acquiring the necessary skill set, you might ask. Again, for students, working folks, housewives and retired folks, there are many opportunities that they may make use of, such as- freelancing, consulting service, online venture etc. This is one such area where people from all walks of life may thrive. Everyone is good at something. And they may share their knowledge through a blog!


One may create blogging goodies such as- WordPress plugins, Premium themes etc are sell them directly for a certain price. Then there are freelancing gigs related to blogging, such as- blog set up service. Consulting is also a good option.


#4 Language related courses-

Spanish Language


Learning foreign languages is a good thing. It’ll help you out when you travel abroad for work/recreational purposes. Also, it will help you land part time jobs as well, if you are willing to make use of your skill set!


There are many free as well as paid online services that you may make use of, to learn foreign languages. There are even apps that’ll help you learn new languages for free. The good thing is that they are designed in such a way that one may learn it in a systematic way, without relying on another person.


What are prospects associated with this online course? Well, such courses sure have potential. After completing the course, one may take up a full time or part time job! For Indians, I guess the part time ones will be more appealing.


But what kind of job will one get after completing such course? If you are talented enough, you may work as a translator for good firms and businesses. You may also land a job of a virtual assistant, whose job has a lot to do with translation. Also, content writing industry also requires good translators. Usually, these jobs can be done right from your home and can be done on a part time basis!


#5 App making/designing-

iPhone Apps


Thanks to the smart phone revolution, most phones that peoples use sport iOS or Android OS. Both these Operating Systems are well known for their app market place and the sheer number of useful apps available over there. Some apps are premium ones and many of them are available for free. The good thing is that many of them are really useful in our day to day lives. And yeah, these apps can be monetized.


Thanks to the above mentioned fact, app designing may be seen as an opportunity to be explored and exploited! App designing is no rocket science. But it is not that easy to learn too! The point being- this thing can be learned, using resources available online!


#6 Digital Marketing (Online Course)

Digital Marketing

Though there are many Institutes out there, offering regular classroom Digital Marketing course, it is much more beneficial to pursue this course online! By learning online, one may learn and experiment at the same time! One may learn the concepts and have practical sessions.


Digital Marketing is a very vast field, covering topics such as- SEO, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Analytics etc. It can be compared to an Umbrella, under which many other sections (like mentioned above) are parked.


If you want to focus on individual topics, it is better to go for courses focusing on the particular topic. For example, if you want to focus on SEO, go for an online SEO course. But if you want to get an overall experience, much more knowledge, it is better to go for Digital Marketing online course. It will help you become a well rounded Digital professional!


#7 Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

As I mentioned above, this course is usually available under the ‘umbrella’ of Digital Marketing. However, if one want to have detailed knowledge about this topic, it is better to go for Social Media Marketing online course. This course focuses on using Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc to promote and market products, campaigns etc. Brand image building is another part of this course.


Social Media use is increasing among people with each passing day. Businesses are trying to take advantage of this trend. They are hiring skilled and creative Social Media Marketing professionals to build their Brand’s Image, market their products, acquire new clients etc. There is immense scope in this field. But you got to have creativity and skills to thrive in this field.


#8 Programming


Learning programming languages’ basics is easy now! Thanks to sites and resources like CodeAcademy, Code.Org etc, learning basics of programming languages such as Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, HTML and CSS etc have become very easy. Using such free resources and free online courses, one will be able to take off, make that start.


To specialize and get much more detailed knowledge, one may go for paid courses later. After mastering programming language(s), one may put that skill to use and develop software, design sites, develop games etc and make money off it! One may do this as a part time job or take up programming as a full time profession! One may also work for Companies and Startups that have a thing or two to do with programming.


#9 MS Office


MS Office applications have always been useful to Businesses (big and small), Schools, Hospitals etc. It is used very widely and across many spheres of life! Some of the main MS Office Applications are- Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint etc. At first, using these applications seems to be very simple. To an extent, this fact is true. But there are many productivity tips and functionality tools in these applications, which one may use. Free online cases, where one may learn in deep about such tips and functionalities associated with these applications. After doing one such course, you may boost your existing productivity. This means better performance at work! Also, using your new, improved productivity, you may also find better jobs. Some common job opportunities are- Virtual Assistant, Data feeding and management jobs, Accounts keeping etc.


#10 Content Writing

content writing

Skilled Content writers are required by online publications such as online magazines, blogs, websites, news sites etc. Regular writing skills won’t help you land top jobs. In order to do that, it is necessary to brush up your writing skills. Online content writing courses will help you do just that. Such a course trains one to approach content writing differently, using some tested techniques and styles. Such a course will definitely make your writing more polished and refined! After finishing this course, one may become an Independent content writer or work for different types of publications that I mentioned above. One may also become a Ghost writer or a reviewer also!


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Those were some of the top online courses, which, according to me, will be of use to people from around the world. No matter which country you belong to, you may make use of the above courses and land good part time as well as full time jobs.

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