Tips to perform well in SSB Individual Obstacles round

Individual Obstacle round, which is a part of the SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview, can be said to be a bonus round! In Individual Obstacle round, a candidate has to face 10 obstacles. He/she will have to go through the maze of hurdles, go through all the obstacles numbered from 1 to 10. For doing this task, 3 minutes are allotted to each candidate. Now, sets of marks are allotted to each obstacle too. For example, for completing obstacle number 1, you will be given certain amount of marks. Please note that the weight of marks increases along with the difficulty of the obstacle. For example, obstacle number 6 will carry more marks than obstacle number 2!

SSB Interview Individual Obstacle round

So, within the 3 allotted minutes, a candidate may finish the set of obstacles (1 to 10) and score full marks. Now, if time remains, he/she may even repeat sets of obstacles and obtain more marks! This is the reason why I call Individual Obstacle Round a bonus round!


Candidates, after going through the compulsory set of obstacles (1 to 10) within less than 3 minutes, may repeat obstacles carrying heavy marks and earn good amount of points in the process! In this article, I’ve mentioned some basic tips, using which, one may face the Individual Obstacle Round very well and come out with flying colors!


Tips to do well in Individual Obstacle Round

Please note that these tips are not very easy to follow ones! There involves certain amount of difficulty, when it comes to these methods! But, at the end of the day, your fate in SSB Interview depends a lot on the amount of hard work that you put in during the preparation phase.


#1 Get to know the obstacles better

The first and foremost thing to do is to know the types of obstacles better. There are 10 obstacles, which a candidate has to negotiate. So, just imagine that you are at the SSB Centre and are all about to face these obstacles, what will happen if you don’t even know the nature of the obstacles you are about to face?


If this is the case, you will most likely struggle to finish the set of obstacles from 1 to 10!


You may avoid this situation by getting to know the obstacle course beforehand! The basic list of obstacles are- Tarzan jump/leap, Long jump, balance beam, Burma bridge, commando walk, screen jump, leap over ditch, tiger leap and double barrel. So, a candidate may know well beforehand which types of obstacles he/she will have to face during the SSB Interview. And based on this knowledge of obstacles, they may-


#2 Practice, Practice and Practice!

Once you have the basic idea about the types of obstacles that you will be facing, it is now time to start practicing! You may make make-shift obstacles at home and practice or may make use of SSB Coaching classes.


You see, most SSB Coaching classes gives special attention towards Individual Obstacle round. They have well equipped, exact replica of the real Obstacle course installed at their coaching classes!


Candidates may make use of these facilities and get themselves trained well and learn how to negotiate each obstacle well. If you take a closer look, various techniques will come handy, while dealing with different types of obstacles. So, if you master those techniques, you would be able to deal with these obstacles even after you are made to wake up at middle of the night and asked to go through the obstacles! With practice, your confidence levels will rise. Oh, the next section is all about confidence!


#3 Maintain your level of confidence during the real test

Easily going through the set of obstacles during coaching is one thing and dealing with the obstacles during the real SSB Interview is altogether a different ball game! During the real SSB Interview, the stakes are real high! Naturally, you’ll be much more tensed and nervous!


Under such circumstances, one may lose the battle of nerves and all the coaching and practice will go in vain! The key, to avoid this situation, is by maintaining one’s level of confidence!


Don’t let pressure and tension carry your confidence away!


#4 Physical Conditioning

To deal with the set of physical obstacles mentioned above, one’s body must possess certain amount of agility, stamina and strength! These things can be developed through exercising and conditioning your body.


I’m not saying that you need to have ripped physique to score well! But you must possess basic levels of fitness and agility though!


Also, one must take care of food consumption too!


#5 Time Management lessons

You must have a plan, when approaching the Obstacle set. You should make most of the time available! Make sure that you are able to finish off obstacles 1 to 10 within time less than 3 minutes. Then, try to repeat heavy weight obstacles, which you think you will be able to deal with well!


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Before you are supposed to go through the Obstacle course, you will be given 1 minute time to plan your ‘action plan’- the path you choose to, the order in which you would like to approach the obstacles. Make use of this time well and arrive at such a pattern that will help you in scoring bonus points!

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