Best Careers in Agriculture

Are you passionate about agriculture sector and its allied areas? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve listed down some of the best careers in agriculture sector. These jobs are known to be high-paying.

Agriculture Careers

This sector is known to generate decent amount of job opportunities each year. Technology has played an integral role in the way modern agriculture works.


Due to the influence of technology on agriculture, it has given rise to a set of new, exciting and well rewarding group of agriculture careers. In this post, you will find the names of some such careers/job profiles/roles.


Why go for a career in agriculture sector, you may ask. Here are some of the prominent reasons why you should pursue a career in this sector –


First of all, this sector is known to generate ample amount of job opportunities. Each year, this sector generates multiple job posts for candidates possessing different set of skills.


Many job posts belonging to this sector are well rewarding (financially). Gone are the days when agriculture sector players used to pay low wages to employees. If you possess the right set of skills, you will be able to earn high salary in this sector!


Boost in agricultural productivity means increase in farmers’ revenue. Agricultural engineers, scientists and people holding other relevant job posts can play a huge role improving agricultural productivity. This will benefit our hard-working farmers.


Come, let us check out the list of careers now. Here it is –


Highest paying careers in agriculture sector

Here are some of the highest paying careers in agriculture sector –


1 Agricultural Engineers

As I mentioned before, technology has had a huge influence on agriculture sector. Agricultural engineering is proof to this claim!


Agricultural engineering deals with the application of engineering and technology to boost agricultural productivity and solve problems arising in this sector.


An agricultural engineer usually plans, designs, develops and tests agricultural machinery, equipment and devices. These equipment play a huge role in boosting agricultural productivity.


2 Agricultural Managers

Agricultural managers take care of the following tasks – supervising the farm, supervising livestock, taking care of raw materials and inventory, finance management, man management etc.


They usually take care of administrative and business side of agriculture. They even play a huge role in marketing agricultural products and thus help generate revenue for farmers.


3 R&D professionals

Scientists play a huge role in the development of agriculture sector. There are different types of R&D professionals involved in this field. They carry out research work at labs and farms. Their observations lead to better farming techniques, fertilizers, agricultural equipment etc.


R&D professionals specialize in different areas of agriculture. Some such notable areas include – soil science, biochemistry, botany, animal husbandry, fisheries science etc. You may also check – B.Sc. Agriculture course.


4 Plantation manager

A plantation manager takes care of administrative tasks related to an agricultural plantation. He/she takes care of aspects such as – hr management, material management, finance management, planning etc.


5 Wildlife conservationist

Preserving wildlife, its diversity and its resources is an important task. For carrying out this task, we rely on skilled wildlife conservationists. They are skilled in areas such as – wildlife inspection, ecology, different types of animals and plants, wildlife forensics etc. They usually lead a team that consists of vets, scientists and wildlife conservation workers.


6 Fishery/Fish Hatchery Manager

They are responsible for breeding fish, maintaining hatchery, harvesting fish etc. In order to thrive in this profession, one must be knowledgeable about areas such as – different types of fish, breeding techniques, hatchery management, fish products, common diseases and preventive measures etc.


7 Veterinarian

Basically, veterinary science deals with medical treatment of animals and birds suffering from diseases. This course trains students to diagnose diseases in animals and birds, prescribe medicines and other surgical solutions etc.


Veterinary science profession deal with diagnosis of diseases in animals and birds, dealing with preventive and clinical medicines, using surgical procedures if necessary, livestock and poultry management etc.


You may also check – B.F.Sc. course


8 Biologist

It is a branch of science that deals with the study of life. Biologists are scientists who specialize in the field of biology. It is a vast field and consists of different areas of specialization. Some such areas related to agriculture and its allied areas are – marine biologist, endangered species biologist, plant biologist, fisheries biologist etc.


If you are passionate about agriculture sector, you may explore the above mentioned opportunities and job profiles. These are high-salary jobs. You may also check the list of agriculture courses and agriculture vocational training courses.

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