List of ITIs & Seats in Faizabad 2022

Hi readers! Are you looking for the list of best ITIs in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of top ITIs and seats in Faizabad, UP.

Faizabad ITI

After going through this post, readers will be able to find an ideal ITI. To make the selection process easy, I’ve covered the following details in this post – list of relevant ITIs, total number of seats available for admission, type of the ITI and more. You may also check – ITIs in Etah.


Come, let us check out the list of ITIs and seats now. Here it is –


List of ITIs & seats in Faizabad for 2022

Name of the ITI

Type of the institute

Total number of seats (all trades)

Government Industrial Training Institute, Rudauli, Faizabad 225411Government.536
Government Industrial Training Institute, Sohawal FaizabadGovernment.536
Government ITI MilkipurGovernment.528
Government ITI, FaizabadGovernment.960
Anuradha Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate160
Ashok Kumar Pvt ITIPrivate252
Awadh Kishan ITC – FaizabadPrivate120
Baba Harishankar Singh Private ITI FaizabadPrivate192
Bhanumati ITC – FaizabadPrivate360
Ch. Charan Singh ITC – FaizabadPrivate120
Chintamani Smarak ITC – FaizabadPrivate120
Deen Dayal Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Deva Private ITC, – FaizabadPrivate180
Devnath Baba Private ITIPrivate120
Diamond Pvt ITIPrivate256
Dr. Badami Harihar ITC – FaizabadPrivate360
Er. Ramsagar Rajpati Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Faizabad Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Gayatri Private ITIPrivate360
Gazi Sarkar Private ITI Allahabad Road, FaizabadPrivate120
Geeta Devi Private ITIPrivate160
Goswami Dukhu Baba Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate120
Gramodaya Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Gyan ITC – FaizabadPrivate40
H.L. ITC – FaizabadPrivate120
Humaida Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Ichchha Ram Singh Private ITIPrivate160
Janak Dulari Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate40
Janak Lali Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Jaspata Devi Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate120
Jasraj Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate180
Jaya Nand ITC – FaizabadPrivate120
Jhunjhunwala Pvt. ITC – FaizabadPrivate120
Jugunu Singh Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Karma Private ITI – FaizabadPrivate80
Kaushalya Devi Smarak Private ITI ,Ram Nagar Amawa Sufi, FaizabadPrivate80
Keshav Das Private ITIPrivate120
Krishna Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate40
Krishna Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Krishna Private ITI, Faizabad Sadar, FaizabadPrivate240
L P Private ITIPrivate120
Late Shri Jang Bahadur Singh Private ITC, – FaizabadPrivate40
Late Sri R.N. Lal Private ITIPrivate120
Luxman ITC, Vidya Kund, Ayodhya – FaizabadPrivate124
Maa Kripal Devi Private ITI Surwara Chamanganj Milkipur FaizabadPrivate120
Maa Mahakali Bhale Sultan Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Maa Sharda Pvt ITIPrivate120
Maharaja Private ITI , – FaizabadPrivate100
Maniram Madhavaram Smarak Private ITIPrivate120
Nav Jyoti Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Palakdhari Singh Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate360
Pandit Mishri Lal Ramraji Private ITIPrivate160
Pandit Rampragat Dubey ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Panna Devi Private ITIPrivate180
Parmeshwari Devi Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Patel Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Prabha ITC – FaizabadPrivate240
Professor K.K.Yadav ITC – FaizabadPrivate316
Pt. Ambika Prasad Kamla Devi Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate240
Pt. Haridas Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
R.R.J.R Pvt ITIPrivate252
Rajpati Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Ram Charan ITC – FaizabadPrivate104
Ram Janki Pvt. ITIPrivate240
Ram Manohar Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Ram Murti Triloki Nath Private ITIPrivate180
Rameshwar Singh ITC – FaizabadPrivate120
Rampati Balbhadra Prasad Shukla Private ITIPrivate120
Ramrati Duwarika Prasad Smarak Private ITI ITIPrivate240
Ramsumair Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate160
S. D. Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate180
Sagar ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Saheed Ashfar Ullah Private ITI Khojanpur ,FaizabadPrivate40
Sankat Mochan Private ITIPrivate240
Satya Prabha ITC – FaizabadPrivate120
Sdlm Private ITIPrivate120
Shekhar Private ITI , Khandaasa, FaizabadPrivate40
Shivshakti Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Shivpujan I.T.C.Private120
Shreemati Dhanpat Maurya Pvt. ITIPrivate240
Shri Krishna Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Shri Vijay Krishna Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate180
Smt. Geeta Tiwari ITC – FaizabadPrivate168
Smt. Prema Tiwari Pvt. ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Smt. Vimla Singh Private ITC, – FaizabadPrivate80
Sri Narmadeshwar Singh Pvt ITIPrivate360
Sri Ram Chandra Private ITIPrivate120
Sri Ram Lagan Chandra Bali Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Sri Sahab Saran Samerk Private ITI,Private120
Sri Vishwanath Singh Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate40
Srimati Siyaraji N.C.T.O.P.T Private ITIPrivate248
Sukanya Devi Dhuruv Prasad Singh Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Tara Private ITI , Rath Haveli Sadar, FaizabadPrivate120
Tulsa Devi Private ITIPrivate180
Urmila Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate128
Wellesley Bailey Vocational Training Centre – FaizabadPrivate88
Wits Private ITC – FaizabadPrivate80
Wits Industrial Training Centre Deokali Road – FaizabadPrivate48
Yash Industrial Training Centre Darshan Nagar – FaizabadPrivate208
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