Top Vocational Training Institutes in India 2022: Seats, Admission & Rating

Hi readers! This post will be of help to vocational training aspirants from India. In this post, I’ve listed down some of the best B.Voc. colleges in India. B.Voc. is one of the most popular vocational training courses in India.

Vocational Colleges in India

This post will be of help to 12th standard passed students. Both students and parents may use this guide to find the right college. This guide will simplify your college finding process and B.Voc. admission process.


Indian students have many B.Voc. colleges to choose from. Choosing the right college is an important task. The quality of the institute you choose will have an impact on the shape and path of your career.


A good college can be identified by looking at factors such as – infrastructure, amenities, faculty, rating, reviews etc. If a college fares well in these areas, you may secure admission without much worry!


In India, there exists different types of vocational training courses. Some of the notable formats are –

  • Certification
  • Skill Diploma
  • D.Voc.
  • B.Voc.
  • M.Voc.
  • And more…


These training programs can be classified into different formats on the basis of academic levels. These courses can broadly be classified into levels such as UG and PG. UG stands for undergraduate level. PG stands for postgraduate level.


Among the courses mentioned above, B.Voc. is the most advanced UG level course. This course was introduced by the UGC. UGC developed this course with the aim of improving the quality of vocational education in India.


Since B.Voc. is the most advanced UG level vocational course in India, I’ve decided to list colleges offering this course. In the next section, I’ve covered the state-wise list of vocational training colleges in India.


You will find the names of states in the list provided in next section. You may click on a specific state and access the list of vocational training colleges belonging to that state.


Let us check out the state-wise list of B.Voc. colleges in India. Here it is –


List of vocational training colleges in India 2022


Why go for B.Voc. and vocational education, you may ask. This is the age of skill development. Government has realized this fact and is working on improving skill development programs.


Meaningful skills can help one in finding employment. Unemployment is a huge problem that’s troubling India. The main reason responsible for unemployment is population explosion. After population explosion comes lack of meaningful skills among Indian youth/workers. Yes, lack of meaningful skills can result in unemployment.


Vocational training courses such as B.Voc. has been developed with the aim of tackling this situation. These programs have been designed to develop relevant skills in students.


Let us consider an example – B.Voc. Retail Management course. This is a vocational training course. This training program focuses on the domain/sector/industry called retail management.


Students pursuing this course end up acquiring skills related to this sector/domain/industry. Retail sector employers look for applicants/candidates who have relevant skills and knowledge. Under such circumstances, B.Voc. Retail Management graduates stand a better chance of bagging a decent job in this sector/domain/industry.


Thus, through skill development, vocational training programs help us tackle the issue of unemployment. You may go through the list of colleges provided in this post and choose a good one.

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