ACT 2022 Fees, Refund, Fee Waivers & State Vouchers

Are you all set to crack the ACT? In this post, I’ve covered topics such as – ACT fees, additional costs, ACT services, additional services, fee waivers, state vouchers and refund policy.

ACT Fees, Refund & Waivers

Before heading to the meat of the matter, let us check out basic details about the ACT. What is ACT all about, some of you may ask. Here is everything you need to know about this test –


What is ACT?

The ACT is a National college admissions examination. This exam is known to facilitate college admission process in the US (four-year colleges and Universities).


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The test deals with subjects such as –

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Science


Let us check out the meat of the matter now! In the next section, you will find the following details – ACT fees, ACT services, additional services and fees, fee waivers, state vouchers and refund policy. Let us start –


ACT Fees and Services 2022


1 The ACT Fees

The ACT (no writing)$52
The ACT (with writing)$68
Test option change$16


2 Additional fees

Late registration$30
Standby testing$55
Test date change$32
Test center change$32
Score reports to 5th and 6th college choices$13


3 Additional Services and Costs

Additional score reports$13
Test information release$22
Telephone re-registration$15


Are you unable to afford the ACT registration fees? Worry not! You may be eligible for the ACT fee waiver program! Let us find out more details about the ACT fee waiver program –


The ACT Fee Waiver

Fee waiver has been created considering the needs of those students who are unable to afford the ACT registration fees. In this section, you will find the following details – ACT fee waiver eligibility criteria, fee waiver terms and conditions.


Fee Waiver Eligibility Criteria

A candidate must meet/satisfy the following requirements if he/she wants to avail ACT fee waiver benefits –

  • Currently enrolled in high school in the 11th or 12th grade
  • Be testing in the US, US territories or Puerto Rico
  • Meet one or more indicators of economic need listed on the ACT fee waiver form


Fee waiver terms and conditions

  • Eligible candidates may use a maximum of two separate fee waivers total.
  • Once registered, the waiver is used (even if you don’t test on the requested test date)
  • Fee waivers cover only the basic registration fee and late fee.
  • After registration, the student can request up to an additional 20 regular score reports for free.
  • Waivers don’t cover test date or test center changes.
  • Waivers don’t cover standby fee, additional score reports or any other services.


State Vouchers

State vouchers are provided to select student populations by some States. State vouchers are known to cover all or portions of the ACT registration fees.


State Vouchers Terms and Conditions

  • Applicants may submit a voucher for only one test date.
  • Voucher is used once you register or request standby testing (even if you donot test on the requested test date).
  • The voucher covers reports to your high school and up to four colleges.
  • Late registration fee, additional college choices, other services, test date or test center changes, standby fees – vouchers may not be used to follow these expenses.


Refund policy

Nonrefundable services: Basic registration fee and additional service fee (late registration fee, test center change fee etc) are nonrefundable.


Fees refundable on request: Fees for optional services are refundable on request. These services include – score reports for 5th and 6th college codes, test information release, ACT writing test.


How to claim refund?

Through E-Mail: Write ‘REFUND’ on your unused ticket and mail it to – [email protected] with ‘REFUND’ in the subject line.


Through letter: The letter must contain your identifying information, the test date and test option for which you registered. Label the envelope ‘REFUND’ and send it to the following address –


ACT, 301 ACT Drive, PO Box 414, Iowa City, IA 52243-0414, USA


When will I get the refund?

Refunds will be issued 8 weeks after the test date.

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