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A student has to take lots of important decisions during his/her life. For example, consider the process of selecting the right stream after 10th standard. A student has to go through much thinking and must select a stream (Science, Commerce, Arts or Humanities) that will, to an extent, shape up his/her career! Similarly, it is of great importance for students to select the right professional course after 12th standard. In this article, I will explain more about the concept of ‘field trip’. I’ll further point out why 12th standard students should necessarily take help of field trip and the way in which field trips helps one select a good professional course.


Before we head to the meat of the matter- field trips, let us go through some other important sections as well-


Reasons why selecting a good professional course after 12th standard is a difficult process

First of all, there are so many professional courses to choose from. Take Science stream students as an example. After 12th Science, they have loads of courses at their disposal. They have a wide variety of Diploma, Degree as well as Certificate courses to choose from! The more the number of these choices, the tougher will be the process of selecting a single course!


The same thing happens in case of Commerce stream students too. These days, a number of new professional courses have been introduced, in addition to the old traditional courses. Some of these new courses are job oriented ones, some are vocational courses and some others are mixture of two or more old courses!


In short, whichever the stream may be, students who have passed 12th standard have lots of option, when it comes to professional courses to be pursued after schooling. On one hand, having options is a good thing. On the other hand, it tends to confuse students.


If you still aren’t convinced about the availability of ‘loads’ of courses after 12th standard, please go through these articles-


If you happen to go through the above mentioned articles, you’ll come to know about the sheer number of courses that students may pursue after schooling!


Then comes the family pressure and peer pressure factor. In India, most students arrive upon a conclusion based on the decisions made by their parents. In most cases, it is parents who make the choice of the course, not the student! This, makes selection of the right professional course a difficult task!


Peer pressure is also something similar. Instead of listening to parents, in this case, students tend to blindly follow their friends and imitate the choice that their friends have made! This, again, is not something that helps one select the right professional course!


Now, let us know more about what a field trip is. We will also check out how taking a field trip will help us select the right course after 12th standard.


What is a field trip?

Here, a field trip is all about visiting a work place that is closely related to the professional course that you are interested in and observing things such as- the nature of work, remuneration, scope of growth in career etc. Also, part of field trip is also about interacting with professionals who are related to the professional course that you are interested in.


Didn’t quite got the above mentioned definition? Let me explain it to you taking help of a real world example. Suppose it is Chartered Accountancy (CA) course that you are interested in. Now, as part of the field trip, you may visit the office (workplace) of a Chartered Accountant. You may observe the type of work that he/she does each day, basic salary, working hours, whether one may scale up the career ladder etc.


You may also interact with him/her and ask questions regarding the career of a CA. So, by doing this, you will not only get basic idea about the job, but you will also be getting more fine details and some good insights too! All this will help you understand more about the value of the course and more importantly whether that course suits you or not! Yes, it will help you understand whether you have the aptitude to successfully complete the course or not!


Similarly, you may take field trips to know more about professions like that of- Doctor, Engineer, Scientist etc. Based on the field trip and interaction with working professionals, you may evaluate the value of courses like- MBBS, BE/B Tech, B Sc etc.


Importance of field trip

Okay, tell me why do we usually take all this pain and pursue a professional course? Of course, to gain knowledge, skills and thus build a rewarding career based on these things. So, the ultimate aim of the course should be to instill skills that will help you build a good career. You may also check – Tips to find a good career.


In short, it is the career that matters in the end! But what if you go through a professional course and eventually, after taking up a job, you find out that you are not up for that job? Well, your career will take a downward tumble in such a case!


So, even before selecting a professional course, it is better to know whether the career related to that course, the nature of the work involved, suits one or not! And a field trip will definitely help one find such things out!


Hope you now understand more about the concept of field trip and how it will be of help to students. Making a field trip is not difficult. All one got to do is make an appointment and visit the workplace related to the professional course that one is interested in! Also, don’t forget to interact with the professionals involved in the job too! They will provide valuable insights that will help you know whether the course and the job suits you or not!

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