NEET PG 2022 Preparation Tips

Are you all set to crack NEET PG entrance exam? It is one of the most popular medical entrance exams in India. In this post, I’ve listed down some of the best entrance preparation tips, the planning involved and formulation of an effective preparation strategy.

NEET PG Preparation tips

NEET PG exam is conducted to facilitate PG medical admission. Each year, hundreds of thousands of PG medical education aspirants apply for NEET PG exam. Among them, only a handful of applicants manage to bag seats belonging to premier medical colleges.


In order to crack NEET PG exam, an applicant would need the following things –

  • Access to decent NEET PG preparation books and material
  • Effective preparation strategy
  • Consistency and discipline
  • Determination
  • Positive attitude


NEET PG exam is a highly competitive entrance exam. When it comes to this exam, PG medical seats are at stake. These seats play a huge role in determining the path of many MBBS graduates’ careers!


MBBS is the most popular medical education course in India. After completing MBBS, graduates usually go for higher education. Graduates have access to PG medical courses such as MS, MD and other PG Diploma programs.


In order to pursue any of these PG courses, one must crack NEET PG entrance exam. This exam is used to allot PG medical seats to deserving candidates. Based on candidates’ performance in NEET PG exam, a merit list is prepared.


This merit list is used to facilitate the admission process. Seats are distributed among deserving candidates on the basis of their performance in the exam and position in the merit list.


Majority of NEET PG applicants want to secure admission into a Government medical college. This is due to the fact that PG medical education at Government medical colleges will cost next to nothing! On the other hand, PG medical education at Self Financing medical colleges usually cost a fortune (unless the student has access to a scholarship or grant).


In short, there is cut-throat competition for Government seats and seats belonging to premier medical colleges (operated by the Central Government). If you want to get into any of these institutes, you must score well in NEET PG exam. You must score better than your competitors and secure high rank in the merit list.


This post will simplify your exam preparation process. Here, you will find tips, strategy and other useful information. Read the entire post and follow these tips religiously. It will work wonders for you!


NEET PG Preparation Tips 2022


1 Start your preparation early on

Many students fail to recognize the importance of starting early! This results in lack of adequate preparation.


I urge my readers to start NEET PG preparation at an early stage. Try to start preparation (seriously)while still in college (pursuing MBBS course). You may start by collecting study material, visiting coaching centers, accessing online preparation portals etc.


By starting early on, you will gain an edge over your competitors. But one must also pay attention to the ongoing academic program (MBBS) and its preparation as well!


Juggling two balls at the same time could be tiring. But it will bring many rewards with it! Smart time management techniques will help you carry out this juggling act efficiently and effectively.


2 Master MBBS curriculum and subjects while still in college

NEET PG exam is meant for facilitating PG medical education admission. This entrance exam is designed for MBBS graduates. Naturally, the questions asked in the test will come from none other than MBBS curriculum.


If that is the case, why not master the curriculum, modules and subjects while still in college? Having trouble understanding the above statement? What I want to say is that you may study throughout the MBBS phase with a mindset that is aimed at NEET PG!


You know very well that the syllabus will be derived from MBBS curriculum. So why not put extra effort towards mastering the curriculum? It will serve two purposes – help you score well in MBBS examinations and help you perform well in NEET PG exam.


By focusing on the basics and fundamentals taught in MBBS curriculum, you will be able to prepare well for NEET PG exam.


3 Make use of standard study material and books

When it comes to NEET PG exam, an applicant must tackle different subjects. Each subject brings with it a unique set of problems and challenges. There’s no single book that deals with all these subjects. A candidate must rely on different books for preparing different subjects.


While selecting books, make sure that you choose subject-specific books that have good ratings and reviews. Here’s a list of NEET PG entrance preparation books (subject-wise). Good books will help accelerate your pace of preparation. It will also make sure that your effort is being directed in the right direction.


4 Make use of online study and preparation portals

Digital technology and IT has changed the way entrance exam preparation industry works! Thanks to IT revolution and digital technology, entrance exam preparation portals have popped up in large numbers in recent years.


Students may access these portals from anywhere! All they need is a device (laptop, smartphone or tablet) and internet connection. Online entrance preparation portals offer products/services such as – aptitude tests, questions banks, mock tests, online guidance etc.


Many of them offer question banks, mock tests and guidance for free. NEET PG applicants may rely on these portals to prepare for the exam smartly.


5 Time management

In order to crack any entrance exam, one must manage time efficiently. Time management holds the key to your success. No matter how much money you invest towards books, online subscriptions and other study material, all this will lead to nothing if you don’t manage time well!


Here are some time management tips and hacks for PG medical admission aspirants – prepare a time-table, avoid wasting time and eliminate distractions (such as TV, mobile phone, unnecessary outings etc).


6 Seek help of college seniors

By the time you complete MBBS program and apply for NEET PG exam, many of your college seniors will have secured PG admission by cracking this very entrance exam! They can help you in a number of ways! First of all, they possess all that entrance preparation experience. Apart from that, they also possess another treasure – notes and study material!


If necessary, you may seek your seniors’ help. You may get in touch with them and get guidance, tips or access to their notes and study material. Their experience, tips and notes can work wonders for you!


7 Determination, Motivation, Dedication and Discipline

Without these things by your side, things can get pretty tough! All you need is a reason! It can help you build motivation and determination. If you are motivated, you will need nothing else to get up and start preparing for the exam. If you are determined enough, no obstacle will stop you. If you have dedication, you will find one way or the other to reach your goal! And with discipline, no road is too long or no peak is too high to climb!


8 Computer Application Skills

NEET PG is a computer based test. Before sitting for the actual exam, try to attend mock tests that are carried out on computer. Practicing on computer system will help you with familiarization process. It will help you adapt to the actual exam environment and conditions.


9 Health is wealth

NEET PG preparation is tough. It consists of hours of sitting idle (and reading/writing), late night study sessions, limited hours of sleep, strain on eye, strain on back, lack of physical activities etc. These activities can take a toll on your health. In order to avoid burnout and other health related issues, give attention to these things – consume a balanced diet, get adequate rest, maintain the right body posture, exercise daily (for 10-15 minutes), consume adequate amount of water and involve in stress-busting activities (periodically).

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