Essay on Sebastian Vettel: My Idol, Favorite Sportsperson & Racing Driver

I’m an avid F1 fan. And this essay is dedicated to Sebastial Vettel, my favorite F1 driver and favorite sportsman.

Sebastian Vettel Essay

I’ve been watching F1 races since my childhood. I’m passionate about F1. The powerful cars, the skilled drivers, elegant circuits, thrilling races – F1 has managed to captivate my attention when I was just a child.


I happen to follow other racing events as well. But F1 is in a league of its own. Only about twenty seats are available for the drivers and only the best of the lot manage to bag a driver’s seat in this competition.


When it comes to an F1 race, everything happens quickly. There is no margin for error. The race demands absolute dedication and concentration from the drivers. One mistake and it can cost the driver and his team a lot. It is not uncommon to see accidents on the race track.


In short, I’m an F1 maniac. And my favorite driver is Sebastian Vettel. I’ve been in love with this German’s driving temperament for over ten years now.


As of now, Sebastian has won four World Drivers’ Championship titles. He has many race victories, pole positions and podium finishes to his name!


Vettel was born in Germany. He races under the German flag. Since childhood, he was interested in the world of racing. Michael Schumacher was one of his childhood heroes. He would follow his hero’s footsteps and make a name for himself in the world of F1!


Sebastian began karting at a very young age! By the time he was three years old, he started karting. And by the age of eight, he began racing in kart series.


At a very young age, he managed to display his prowess behind the wheels. He managed to amass a large number of trophies, awards and accolades by taking part in various kart racing series.


F1 is where Vettel really caught my attention. He began his F1 career as a test driver for BMW Sauber. Red Bull Racing is well known for spotting young talent and nurturing it. And it is no wonder why they recruited Sebastian into their young driver program.


As part of this program, Red Bull Racing team took him under their wings. He was given the driver’s seat at Red Bull’s sister team – Toro Rosso. And in a year, he was promoted to the Red Bull Racing team. Rest, as well all know, is history!


With Red Bull, he won Drivers’ Championship for four consecutive years (from 2010 to 2013). And in doing so, he became the youngest World Champion. Apart from that, he also set other impressive records and personal milestones such as – most number of consecutive wins in a season and race wins in a single season.


In short, Sebastian just dominated the circuit with F1. It was almost impossible to dethrone him from the podium!


There’s a saying that all good things must come to an end. With time, Sebastian ended his relationship with Red Bull and joined Ferrari. With Ferrari, he came close to winning couple of Drivers’ Championships, but had to settle for the second place. He still managed to wrack up many race wins and podium finishes with the Italy-based team.


Vettel has many qualities that I try to emulate in my life. For example, I admire the way he works on his skills. He dedicates much of his time towards honing his skills. And I’m also focused on developing meaningful skills in my life.


Unlike other racing drivers, Vettel is not really active on social media. This is something that I admire about him. It is like he doesn’t believe in showing off and likes to keep his private life private! In this age of smartphones and impressive internet penetration, and celebrity culture, this is an impressive feat to pull off!


Sebastian is a racing legend. His name will go down as one of the best F1 drivers in history. A young man has lot to learn from this legend’s life.

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