Air Hostess Training: Degree/Diploma/Certificate; Which course is better?

Many Indian youngsters want to take up the profession of Air Hostess/Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant. The main reason behind such craze about this job is that it is a very high paying and glamorous job, which also brings with it handsome perks and other advantages. Talking about Air Hostess courses, there are three main formats of training courses available in India- Certificate, Degree and Diploma courses. In this article, we will be comparing each one of them and evaluate advantages and disadvantages associated with each one of them.


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Air Hostess training- Degree vs Diploma vs Certificate courses


Advantages and disadvantages of certificate courses

The main advantage of certificate courses is that the course duration is very short. For those who are looking to wrap up the course fast and take up a job quickly, this course will be of help. Typical certificate course lasts for a period of 3- 6 months. Fast track programs are 3 months long and detailed ones last for 6 months. There also exists 12 months long certificate courses.


The main disadvantage about this course is that many institutes deteriorate the quality of the course content and training material, in a bid to cut short the course duration! There also exists many mediocre quality institutes, offering poor quality certificate Air Hostess training courses that are devoid of any practical or simulation sessions!


I’m not saying that all certificate Air Hostess training programs are bad. There of course exist programs, which are of high quality, consisting hands on training sessions and are of short duration. While selecting certificate Air Hostess training course, do give attention towards the quality of the study material as well as practical training included in the course.


Advantages and disadvantages of Diploma courses

There are many advantages present, when it comes to Diploma Air Hostess training courses. Some of them are- Diploma courses holds more value than certificate courses, when it comes to course duration, it is not too long or not too short (lasts for a period of 6-12 months), Diploma courses tends to be more detailed and practical training oriented.


Some disadvantages of Diploma courses are- some folks find the course duration to be a bit too long and inconvenient, post work prospects look dim in case of Diploma in Air Hostess training holders.


Advantages and disadvantages of Degree courses

The main advantage about Degree Air Hostess training is that the post work prospects are good. It means that after one retires from the post of an Air Hostess/Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant, one will be able to seamlessly find a job in Ground duty section of an Airport! Degree courses like Aviation, International Airlines Management, Hospitality and Aviation Management etc offer good post work prospects.


The main disadvantage associated with Degree courses is that they last for a period of 3 years. One must go through regular classroom sessions to get the Degree!



If becoming an Air Hostess is your dream, all three- certificate, diploma and degree- courses could be of help to you. The minimum qualification required for this job is- being 12th passed! Possessing Degree related to the field of Aviation/Hospitality/Aviation Management will come handy once you retire from this profession. The Degree will help you take up an Aviation related job once you retire from the post of an Air Hostess.

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