Scope of agriculture related courses after 12th science

I’ve always believed that Agriculture and its associated professional courses are secretly awesome for 12th science passed students. You might ask why I didn’t opt for it then, back when I just passed 12th standard. Let me tell you, my passion and area of interest was something else. But if you are not giving passion due importance and are just looking to pursue a course that will guarantee you a secure and prosperous future, I recommend you to take a look at professional courses related to agriculture. There are many reasons why they are too good.

Despite telling myself that courses related to agriculture had potential, I never had proof to back my claims. Now, looking at examples of my friends, I can say that those courses truly rock! Out of 8 of my friends, who graduated in one or the other agriculture related course, 6 have bagged Government jobs, getting commissioned as some decent class officers (I don’t remember properly). While the other two got hired by a giant Food manufacturing firm (it is a big player in India).

So, what exactly makes these courses perform so well in the job market? More importantly, why you should listen to me and pursue such courses? I have some solid reasons to convince you. Do you know why I’m writing this article? Just to let you guys know the potential of these courses. It is a shame that such courses are overlooked by students. They end up taking admission in mediocre colleges for getting an Engineering degree, while overlooking these courses that will reward them better in the end!

Take your own time, read the full article and take a note of these courses. I guess some of them will definitely be of interest to you-


Reasons why Agriculture related professional courses are secretly awesome-


#1 They are not outdated

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This is the main reason why many students overlook these courses. At schools, it was taught to us that agriculture is a very ‘traditional’ type of work, using next to zero modern technology! That piece of ‘taught knowledge’ got embedded in our mind. Since then, we have always been looking at agriculture as an outdated process. A typical student still thinks that it involves only bullock carts, cow dung (as manure) etc. But this is wrong. With the advancements made in the field of technology, agriculture also has got a face lift! In India, it is not at its modern best, but still, agriculture has evolved and is relying on technology to boost productivity! As a result of this, the courses have also been revamped and updated! You may also check – Agriculture education through distance learning.


#2 Availability of wide variety of courses

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Earlier, officers belonging to the agriculture department were taught a ‘course’ that dealt with the basics of agriculture. But the condition has changed now! There are variety of specialized programs and courses associated with each aspect of agriculture! You may also check – ICAR AIEEA exam.


#3 Availability of high profile courses


Many students think that professional courses related to agriculture is all about some Diploma courses and/or some B Sc courses. But let me tell you that it also involves B Tech and some exciting B Sc courses.

Here are some awesome Agriculture related professional courses- Agricultural Information Technology, B.E./B.Tech. Agriculture Engineering, M.E./M.Tech. Agriculture Engineering, B.Sc. Agriculture and M.Sc. Agriculture.

Read this article (the last section) to know about some B Tech courses that are related to agriculture. These courses are taught at Agricultural Universities in Indian states.

Also, read this article to know about some exciting B Sc courses. These courses sure are better than some of the much saturated Engineering branches too!


#4 These courses are relatively less saturated


Do you know which professional courses are most saturated? Looking at science stream students, it has to be Engineering and some B Sc branches. Thanks to number of new Private Colleges, the number of seats of these courses has increased. This has also ensured that the number of graduates per year also has sky rocketed! All this has increased the saturation in job market, increasing the competition for jobs among graduates!

While this is not the case with most agriculture related courses. They are overlooked by many! And looking at number of seats, the numbers of seats are relatively less for these courses. Thus the number of graduates coming out each year is less. In short, the job market saturation is not something to worry about!


#5 It is relatively easy to land a good job!

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We talked about job market saturation in the above section. From that, you can make out how things work in case of a highly saturated Engineering branch. In that case, the supply of graduates is high. But the demand, that is the number of new graduates required by companies, is less! This leaves many graduates unemployed. Many of them have to take up low paying jobs to make ends meet.

In case of agriculture related courses, the saturation is low. This means that the supply of graduates is relatively lower than the demand of new graduates. This means that almost all graduates get decent opportunity to land a well paying job!


#6 Government jobs are available in abundance


I’ve learned this fact from my friends. If it is a Government job that you are aiming for, then one of the easiest way to bag it is by pursuing such type of course. I’m not saying that it is going to be too easy by opting for one such course. There sure will be competitive exams and analysis of your aptitude, before you are selected for the job. But what I’m trying to say is that the competition in this case will be very less!


#7 A career in research and development is easy to achieve and will prove to be highly rewarding


In this article, I provided a link for you guys to check out some exciting B Sc courses. The best part about those courses is the fact that following those B Sc courses up with an M Sc degree will help you land a hot job in private or Government research firms. Research folks are in much demand these days, but the supply of professionals is pathetic! No wonder why Gujarat Government is providing awesome Scholarships to lure bright students to the field of research in these courses! This again is an interesting and rewarding prospect!

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