Increase in number of Engineering seats in Gujarat and its bad effects

Engineering seats in Gujarat state are set to increase, it seems. This year, more than 7,000 new Engineering seats were allowed across different Colleges throughout Gujarat. While a large part of these new seats were made up due to the introduction of new Colleges, many seats were also introduced by existing institutes, who were allowed by the authorities to increase seats and operate in more than 1 shift! But is this rise in the number of seats and Colleges beneficial? While we think that more and more students will get an opportunity to pursue Engineering, this trend also has many negatives associated with it. Let’s go through some main drawbacks of this trend.

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Negatives associated with the rise in number of Engineering seats in Gujarat-

Due to the increase in the number of seats, more and more students can get into Engineering Colleges. While this is good, from students’ point of view, this also results in many below average students making their way into Engineering programs!

These students, normally struggle to clear their course, with many getting detained multiple times in between! Many even drop out midway through the course and go on to pursue some other easy course.

This results in waste of money and efforts from the students’ and their parents’ ends! Also, in case of drop outs, the seat ultimately goes waste!

Another negative is that in many colleges, many seats go vacant! There are no takers for courses like EC (Electronics and Communications) Engineering, IT (Information Technology) etc, when it comes to average and below average rated Colleges.

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The idea of adding more and more seats under such circumstances is not appealing at all.

With more and more seats being added to Engineering field, other courses like B Sc are largely ignored. It is a well known fact that with the right mind set, one can build an exciting career even by pursuing B Sc courses like Biotechnology. But still, due to the availability of Engineering seats in large numbers, such exciting and rewarding courses are ignored by students!

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